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K-array is a renowned manufacturer of innovative pro audio solutions with global headquarters in Florence, Italy. Founded in 1990, the company concentrates its efforts and resources in the revolutionary design and manufacture of highly-efficient audio systems that produce unparalleled performance. With an extensive portfolio of ultra-compact product lines for small, medium and large-scale applications, including touring, events, installed sound and broadcast, K-array is designing unique audio solutions never dreamed of before.
Whether a flexible, long speaker or extremely flat speaker boxes, our pursuit is to pioneer the design of audio elements that are adaptable to a host of applications so that audio quality is never compromised. Sound is a part of every moment of our lives. It influences our emotions, our mood, even our heartbeat and brain activity. Knowing how sound behaves and how we can control and optimize it is key to enhancing our lives. The K-academy is an educational program composed of workshops, seminars and courses which cover every aspect of the audio experience and are dedicated to sound engineers, system integrators, architects, DJs, students and anyone interested in elevating their sound awareness.

Installed Sound

K-array's Installed Sound series is a collection of the most aesthetically-refined and quality loudspeakers in the professional audio industry. To offer the most reliable solutions, all the products in our Installed Sound series are made with the most durable and impervious materials boasting aluminum or steel frames to render them weather resistant. Operating in the heart of Tuscany where architecture has had a profound effect on Italian culture, we believe that while sound is makes an experience, it should remain invisible and not affect the aesthetics of a venue. Requiring creative manipulation and coordination of materials and technology, the Installed Sound loudspeakers are designed with a sleek form so that they are easily integrated into the layout. These premium products are available in sleek black and an elegant white to make a subtle statement while using any RAL color code to perfectly match the venue is available as customization. Additionally, a range of high-quality luxury finishes made of precious materials allow you to further adapt your solutions to your projects. 24K gold exudes extravagance and brushed or polished stainless steel finishes can be selected to give the product a chameleon-like ability to reflect surrounding surfaces and blend in with the background.

Portable Systems

With ultra-fast setup and dismantling, the high-tech, ultra-light powered speaker systems in K-array’s Portable Systems are the perfect audio solution for temporary installations. Varying in size, the systems are ideal for theater, concert halls, museums and every kind of corporate event. The systems are weather resistant making a perfect solution for outdoor setups as well as live shows and spoken word. By combining the slim and sleek loudspeakers with the compact and powerful subwoofers from our Installed Sound product category, K-array’s portable systems give users all the technology from a fixed installation with the convenience of a deployable audio system. Equipped with conjoining hardware, the Portable Series has the capability to fly the line array elements, which can even be mechanically angled into "banana" line arrays for the most complex applications or stacked atop the subs for the simplest setups.

Concert Series

Our Concert Series are the flagship products in our catalog. After starting in rental and tiring quickly of loading and unloading heavy boxes, we dedicated years to developing more practical live sound solutions and the Mugello and Firenze Series were created. With an impressive compact design thanks to Slim Array Technology and the most advanced electronic processing like Electronic Beam Steering, our Concert Series is literally an "out-of-the-box" solution of powerful loudspeakers for live sound. Research conducted over 10 years to develop the next generation of touring systems has been applied to our signature product category, Concert Series. This groundwork led to the creation some of the most advanced live sound solutions on the market. Equipped with Slim Array Technology, the Concert Series loudspeakers have a minimal footprint and their compact design allows for a better impulse response. Their Electronic Beam Steering feature provides the possibility to digitally direct the dispersion of the sound beams to ensure the same listening experience to all the audience. And along with other important features such as premium materials and impeccable sound quality, our Mugello Series and Firenze Systems puts K-array products on the forefront of cutting edge professional sound reinforcement. ... More ... less

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