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iPot is a modular furniture system that can take unlimited forms designed and produced by Supercake, an architecture, graphics and product design firm based in Milan. iPot is the result of a Supercake study on contemporary ever-changing lifestyles and the related evolution of space distribution in our daily life. iPot was conceived and designed to meet new needs for flexibility and customization.

iPot™ is designed and produced by Supercake

Since 2014 Supercake has designed and developed the iPot™ modular system, actually supervising the whole process from production to worldwide distribution. Its core team includes the 4 co-founders, all professional designers with complementary skills and attitudes. Supercake team deals with a range of planning and design activities providing concept-to-completion services.

The iPot design is based on modularity

Each iPot component is optimized at solid and aesthetic level, minimizing any waste of material during the manufacturing process and reducing the overall dimensions for easier transport and storage. iPot has a very long lifecycle thanks to its unlimited possibilities of reconfiguration and reuse. Furnishing a room or a workspace by bringing in a piece of nature is another major benefit of iPot; this fulfils the growing need of having a bit of greenery everywhere, especially in urban contexts. After carrying on an accurate supplier selection and a prototyping phase, Supercake developed and consolidated over time a local network of manufacturers, combining the industrial aspects with a craftsman’s attention to details. We sell mainly online and ship worldwide. Supercake offers professional competence and knowledge to customers, providing them with free help over the planning phase, and detailed assembly instructions. Our design and architectural firm can deal with small to large projects and the related contractors. ... More ... less

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