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IOC project partners, since 1992 is an independent division of LEMA. Benefiting from the know-how of its "parent company" acquired by making Italian design history, IOC project partners develops specialist projects for professional workspaces. Within this reality are the irreplaceable qualities of a "family" company that has become a global industry and that guarantee high ethical values of work, respect for the environment, attention to materials, artisan knowledge of manufacturing, high technology of processes and strategic vision of the future. These qualities are multiple and aim at the primacy of the project, product excellence and service optimisation. IOC project partners is able to create total environments and particular furnishings or special customised projects, composed of partitions, workstations, seating, storage and accessories. Three are the fundamental ingredients that define success and name it: concept, first of all, that preludes the project and that always keeps the result of the product at its highest; office, as an original vision of the world of work, constantly changing and that can not ignore a very personal conception of the profession; international, or that is born and realised in Italy, a "total made in Italy” place of manufacturing, from which it immediately starts to conquer a cosmopolitan dimension. In more than 25 years of consolidated activity, IOC project partners has carried out numerous projects and received considerable recognition, structuring its presence above all outside the national territory with operational offices in the USA and the UK. IOC project partners has three manufacturing facilities in Italy that operate in synergy covering the complete production cycle. today IOC project partners is ready to relaunch its new vision of the contemporary office in the old EU continent.

The office of the future according to IOC project partners

25 years of young history also corresponds to the emerging life of a next generation that is leading the company towards tomorrow’s challenges. IOC project partners is now ready to embark on a journey of change that develops cross-sectional products to explore new connections between the traditional office world and a freer vision of the profession. Today’s flexible activities and common areas are now merged with formal needs and private environments, thus producing an increasingly fluid idea of space with a few fixed points complemented by lightweight furniture and modular equipment. The office is an increasingly welcoming place, almost in competition with the home: a new productive place but versatile, customisable, comfortable, like a dress, elegant yet dynamic. Together with Raffaella Mangiarotti’s artistic direction and Leonardo Sonnoli visual communication, IOC project partners's products open up to this new idea of office, introducing an open and graceful language, intimate and at the same time social. With an idea of post-modern minimalism, soft and not sharp, Raffaella Mangiarotti imagines that the pleasure of the workplace must be more stimulating than the pleasure of working at home. The new projects complement the existing products, expanding IOC project partners’s offer and refreshing the catalogue. Thanks to a material sensitivity and a chromatic delicacy, the finishes of all the products are revised and updated. The well-being of the guest at work and the sustainability of a delicate world are the two key themes that lead to the future and also for this reason IOC project partners becomes a true "project partner" because today it is no longer enough to be just excellent executors and indispensable suppliers, but the interlocutor must be accompanied in all phases of the service, from project estimating to after-sales satisfaction. ... More ... less

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