Intuit by Softrend

Tallinn / Estonia

Intuit by Softrend is an Estonian company engaged in the production of office furniture. Driven by a spirit of innovation, its goal is to keep up with the changes that have taken hold in the world of work in order to make the office a creative and stimulating environment, which not only encourages attendance, creativity and connection between employees but also attract the best new talent. Through flexibility and innovation, Intuit's design has evolved to meet this shift. Among the products, furniture to support the head-down focus of desk work, collaborative spaces that encourage interaction, lounges for socialising, and flexible seating for when people need a break from their desk. These modular and multifunctional spaces and solutions encourage employees to work and help to take full advantage of the office environment.
Intuit was born from Softrend, an established player in the upholstered furniture space since 1997. The curiosity and innovation of Intuit have been added to the extensive experience and legacy of Softrend of creating soft and comfortable furniture, in order to upend the world of office furniture. All products are handmade in the Estonian factory, where the entire process is followed and managed, from the ideation by the hand of the designers to the finished product, fully respecting Intuit's sustainability and quality standards.
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