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Besides creating architectural luminaires, Intra lighting offers mostly complete, user centric and energy efficient lighting solutions. It is a global supplier of innovative lighting for all kind of interiors, focusing green from a wholesome perspective and on many levels: from the choice of the materials and packaging, the way of production, energy consumption, transport, to the health of the employees.
Intra lighting's philosophy is: light where it is needed, when it is needed, and as much as needed which warns about the energy wastefulness and improves people's well-being.
Intra lighting works closely with architects, lighting designers, engineers, and interior designers around the globe to co-create ambitious engaging lighting solutions and the most vibrant spaces.
What places the company among the leaders in our field is focusing on the user, the thirty-year tradition, constant investments into growth and development, innovativeness, feel for aesthetics, and nonetheless a responsibility for the environment.
The headquarters of the company is in Slovenia. It has three production plants – in Slovenia, in Croatia and in Serbia besides seven offices – in Croatia, in Serbia, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the Netherlands, in Italy, in the United Arab Emirates and in the USA. It is constantly strengthening its presence on the international markets. ... More ... less

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