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iGuzzini has been designing and producing innovative lighting systems for interiors and exteriors since 1959: over the years it has specialized in particular in the development of customized projects for large spaces, museums and institutions. Thanks to these great projects and also thanks to a cutting-edge vision, the company has been able to do research and bring innovation in the field of lighting technology. Today iGuzzini has introduced in its rich catalogue the system of intelligent lighting solutions, composed of elements that interact with each other in an automated way: using the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol or WiFi it is possible to manage the lighting directly from any smartphone or tablet. According to iGuzzini's intention, the light becomes portable and this facilitates the installation, programming and management of the system: the system can be used in public places, in business areas as well as in your own home, declining the services available according to the needs of the project. The application has great potential in museums, but also in retail and large public spaces, such as airports: thanks to beacon technology, integrated in the lighting system, and the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, it is possible to receive digital information. Through a dedicated App, visitors can receive updated information, videos and in-depth texts about the work in front of them, or they can create their own itinerary inside the museum. On the other hand, the institution has access to data on space occupancy flows and can therefore optimize consumption and costs and structure potential promotional strategies.

iGuzzini: pioneers in lighting technology

Since its foundation in Recanati in 1959, the company has grown to become an international group in the architectural lighting sector, overseeing projects of the highest level. In the seventies it was the company that introduced lighting design in Italy, which from a simple decorative element, now becomes a technical and innovative element and it was iGuzzini that organized the first Italian conference for lighting design specialists. The commitment to training in lighting technology continued in the following decade, with seminars and training courses that spread the culture of light around the world. At the same time, the company started the first experiments in the field of biodynamic light, in collaboration with the Troy Lighting Research Center in New York: the first experimental prototype of SIVRA (Automatically adjustable lighting system) was presented in 1993 at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan. In the mid-1990s the company carried out a campaign that was ahead of its time: the fight against light pollution, promoting the theme of energy saving. In recent years iGuzzini's commitment has continued thanks to the experience of Social Lightscape, a two-year programme of workshops carried out together with the London School of Economics, King's College of London and the Social Light Movement, with the aim of introducing sociological research into urban lighting design.

iGuzzini in the great architectural and artistic projects

Bruno Gecchelin, Mario Cucinella, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Michele De Lucchi, Renzo Piano, Dean Skira, Massimiliano and Doriana Fuksas, Gae Aulenti, Jean-Marie Duthilleul: these are just some of the great names iGuzzini has worked with over the past sixty years. iGuzzini collaborates with international architects on ambitious projects, which have each contributed to the evolution of the lighting sector: Made in Italy design is for iGuzzini a mix of formal research and technological innovation.

"Our work with designers and architects is made of synergies, complicity, sharing design knowledge and interconnections. We have always strongly believed in this collaboration, which today represents our element of recognition."

Already in 1987 iGuzzini contributed to Renzo Piano's project for the Lingotto in Turin with a series of lighting systems produced ad hoc, about 10 years later he inaugurated a season of collaborations with museums and, with it, a program of promotion and enhancement of cultural heritage in Italy and around the world: iGuzzini signed the new lighting system for the Galleria Borghese in Rome, as well as Renzo Piano's Le Perroquet lamps for the Centre Pompidou in Paris. In Michele De Lucchi's project for the town square of Venaria Reale, a high-precision lighting system was used thanks to an innovative optical distribution: the streetlamp, named La Venaria after the place for which it was designed, consists of a non-regular distribution of LED lights for a very special lighting effect. Another interesting project is the new lighting system designed specifically for Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper, it can be considered a real intervention of "perceptual restoration", thanks to which the number of visitors who can access at the same time and thus enjoy this priceless work of art with the right light has increased. ... More ... less

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