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Ideal lux commits every day to becoming the main point of reference when it comes to choose a lamp that expresses personality through a unique and current piece of furniture. It all began in 1974, from the intuition of designing contemporary and accessible lighting accessories. Since then, ideal lux has been committed to listening to everyone's needs, proposing a wide variety of lighting styles and meeting every functional requirement. Whether it is a family, a business or a person at the beginning of his or her adventure in a new home, ideal lux promises components that live up to needs and dreams. The strong point, which is not renounceable when we talk about a company close to people, is a catalogue that meets any type of need: more than 3,000 furnishing accessories ranging from many product lines. From indoor to outdoor products to the technical ones, the company offers a wide range of pendant, wall and floor lamps as well as track lighting and more complex systems for museum, commercial, residential and retail spaces.‎ When it comes to indoor solutions, the goal of ideal lux is to create versatile sets for all environments, letting every moment live with the right atmosphere and offering everyone the opportunity to experiment with their own idea of home. Even outside, the solutions offered for outdoor spaces do not sacrifice aesthetics and safety; they remain pleasant design elements even when you need some fresh air. For professional spaces, which require particular technical attention, ideal lux has decided to work on many proposals that help distributing the light in the right direction, giving greater colour rendering, without ever losing sight of the design and making the spaces where you create professionals relations unique too.

Customers at the center of Ideal lux world

However, if on one hand it is a very important commercial goal to guarantee a vast choice and an extensive catalogue, on the other hand Ideal Lux also cultivates with meticulous care its relationship with customers. How does it do so? By guaranteeing the possibility of purchasing a design product, one that is always updated to the latest trends and that is, above all, accessible to everybody. Whether the preferred style is industrial, minimal, classic, contemporary, modern or eclectic…anyone who so wishes, can enter the Ideal Lux world. For Ideal Lux, a lamp is much more than an object. Illumination has the power to influence our everyday life, giving unique character and personality to the environment. For this reason, everyday Ideal Lux is committed to listening to people and their stories, with the aim of cultivating an authentic and spontaneous relationship with them, finding new points of view and new inspirations through their stories. Customer Care constitutes an important branch of the Company, distinguishing itself for its attention and dedication to clients and making reliability one of its main principles. The attention to people is essential. With Ideal Lux, light becomes an element of our everyday life, able to transform the ordinary into extraordinary. In order to do so, it is important to select the lighting solution which best fits one’s needs, because with the right light, every space can take on a whole difference form, a completely different story.
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