Horganica by Firmiana was born in the heart of central Italy, where the creation of ceramic products has its roots in a tradition that is a guarantee of quality of materials and uniqueness of work. The functionality of the products fits perfectly with the trends of the moment proposing solutions that, reinterpreting the classic forms in a contemporary language, are able to fit into multiple environments.


To design means to observe, to develop a language and to synthesize. It is a path marked by a series of stages of careful research, analysis and study, where inspiration plays a key role. The sensitivity towards daily life, combined with the methodology, is an inexhaustible source of new incitements. The visual research of the designer finds space in nature and in the things that surround us daily, with surprising project results. Horganica in the creation of its products is inspired, in shapes and decoration, from the nature and the traditional objects that surround us daily, making them functional and furnishing objects that can fit in a modern or rustic but chic context.


Our ceramic washbasins are dressed in the colors and designs of natural stones. From the multiple shades of marble to lava stones, Horganica products blend the beauty of nature with the functionality of a classic design ... More ... less

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