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Hollands Licht is a Dutch lighting brand, based in Amsterdam. Its core business consists in designing, producing and trading pendant, floor, table and wall lamps. The collection consists not only of classics from well-known designers, but also from upcoming talent who have their own view on lighting, material and utility. Not only is the lamp as an object key, but also the functionality of the lamp in a space or interior has its primary role. Infact the development process involves a search for the right coherence between light effect and functional use. Together with the designers, Hollands Licht strive to develop timeless and user-friendly products which subtly grasp the attention, combining creativity, craftsmanship and the latest expertise in the field of lighting.

Produced with care

For both the material production and LED development, expertise is sought as close to home as possible. This enables Hollands Licht to discover not only new design talent, but also the multifaceted craftsmanship within the Dutch manufacturing industry. There is close collaboration with local tradespeople and specialists in the field of LED innovation, which limits CO2 emissions as much as possible and keeps the production process straightforward. Care is also addressed to the products aesthetics. The play of light and dark, of sky and landscape, has been a source of inspiration for artists and designers for centuries. The use of light and the effect this has plays an important role in the Hollands Licht collection. The subdued colour palette is a nod to Dutch art of the Golden Age.

How it started

Hollands Licht is an initiative of Eikelenboom, an international designer lighting importer and agent. Since 1968, the company has offered lighting solutions for both private and project-based interiors. In 1982, Eikelenboom began producing the Lotek, an iconic floor lamp which today is one of the most famous design classics in Dutch lighting. The Lotek was designed by the versatile designer and interior architect Benno Premsela (1920-1997). The timeless character and practical application of this design formed part of the inspiration for the creation of Hollands Licht in 2005. Every day in Amsterdam, we work hard to expand and improve the collection. This is achieved by using our in-house lighting expertise and conducting a continuous search for innovative talent. ... More ... less

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