HISLE is a French lighting company of high-range creation and manufacturing. For 30 years, HISLE makes unique piece and for series lighting.
Lamps achieved by the designer Hervé Isle de Beauchaine enhance public spaces, unveil and create particular atmosphere, all unique in their own way. The treatment of the raw material is omnipresent and the finishing touches are of a very high level.
The HISLE brand is permanently innovating by adapting to demand and to new technologies. Elegance, reliability and avant-gardism are the three main points of Hisle lighting.

HISLE «Made in France» innovation.

The HISLE brand has been innovating for the past 30 years it is mostly thanks to the strong trust tha company has acquired over the years with suppliers and distributors. Through them, Hisle is constantly on the lookout for new technologies, in pace with the evolution of energy-saving regulations and attentive to the expectations of professional and private clientele.
HISLE is able to innovate by adapting to demand, maintains a control over the manufacture and is supported by a strong network of domestic and international distributors ... all these factors guarantee the reliability and quality of service. More importantly, they ensure the satisfaction of clients. ... More ... less

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