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Gumpo is a German brand specializing in the design and manufacture of office furniture. Born out of the evolution of the Gumpoltsberger joinery, based in Dingolfing, Bavaria, the company has long experience in the industry, and has been distinguished since its inception by its innovative design, which has been recognized with several prestigious awards. The brand's strength can be found in the custom design of solutions and craftsmanship. All products are characterized by a prolonged life cycle, thanks to the quality materials used, and are always available in the catalog, so as to ensure possible additions. Gumpo has an extensive network of specialist dealers who offer advice and are involved in the design of spaces, with particular attention to environmental well-being, ergonomics and current standards for offices and public spaces. Gumpo shows that it is always in step with the times, interpreting contemporary needs that favor interconnected spaces in work environments. Solid yet lightweight, easily movable, collapsible and multifunctional furniture allows temporary meeting areas and flexible workstations to be set up, facilitating the exploitation of small spaces.

Gumpo tables and chairs, innovative solutions for offices and public spaces

Whether it is an office or a public place, the Gumpo catalog offers innovative and design-oriented solutions, both mass-produced and custom-made. The Pipo collection of tables and coffee tables is distinguished by its essential formal language and sturdy appearance, given by the generous cylindrical legs, inside of which run the cables for the power supply. Convenient power sockets are fixed to the table top at the legs. Surprisingly lightweight, the Pipo table can be moved easily while still providing extraordinary sturdiness. The Temp meeting table offers a quick and functional way to set up a temporary meeting room. It is a folding high table equipped with casters to be moved easily. Once folded, thanks to the thin thickness, the tables can be stored next to each other taking up minimal space. Steno is a height-adjustable desk that offers the ability to work either standing or sitting, as needed. The rear grommet hides unsightly cables from view, while accessories such as a soundproof screen or hook for hanging a bag add an extra level of comfort.
The Dito multiple desk is a true modular system for setting up comfortable and functional shared workspaces. Made of wood, Dito stands out for its essential lines and harmonious volumes. The sliding top provides access to capacious storage for cables, sockets and charging devices. The desk can be integrated with lighting fixtures and privacy screens, and is available in a wide range of finishes. The Saia meeting table combines a refined, minimalist design with the contemporary need to set up quick standing meetings. The oval tabletop features a central slit for cable outlets. The base echoes the shape of the top and resembles a graceful pedestal, while the fabric upholstery adds a fine detail of style. For seating, Gumpo offers the award-winning Pony multifunctional pouf, complemented by a practical swivel table. Equipped with invisible casters, it can be moved easily and is ideal for both individual work positions and group meetings. Made of wood and plywood, with the seat upholstery made from recycled plastic, it comes in six colors, from cream to gray to graphite to the brightest indigo blue, dark red and "casino" green.

Gumpo, storage furniture, dividers and accessories for the contemporary office

Storage furniture, dividers and accessories complete the contemporary office furniture by Gumpo. The Diptic multimedia totem aligns with the versatile and functional concept that characterizes the products in the catalog. Lightweight, foldable and ultra-flat, it can be placed anywhere where there is a need to hang a screen. The Backdrop modular partition panel features a simple geometry consisting of three parallelepipeds, two side uprights and a central panel, allowing it to be placed nimbly around tables and desks. In addition to providing a visual screen, the panel is sound-absorbing, so it provides the right amount of privacy and promotes concentration. The award-winning APK pull-out storage cabinet provides practical and functional storage space, and at the same time can be used to create separate individual workstations. The new RKS modular storage furniture system offers endless configuration possibilities. The system can be supplemented with partition panels and planters, thanks to the special recess-container carved into the top surface. In addition, by choosing front-to-back elements, it can be used as a dividing cabinet. RKS is available in different sizes and heights, with sliding doors, drawers and open spaces. ... More ... less

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