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1976: Setting off on the road to success. Gruppo Treesse was founded almost forty years ago by its current president, Francesco Merenda, who bought up a company specialized in marketing bathroom decor and accessories. His grit and foresight immediately led him to take on the challenge of manufacturing bathroom furnishings, at first on a small scale and later an industrial one. The turning point came in the late ‘80s: from furnishings, Gruppo Treesse moved into the production of bathtubs, which are still its core business, along with multifunctional shower cabins and minipools.

Italian roots and family management

Despite the changes the group has made to its structure over the course of time, two values have stayed firmly in place: it’s still an all-Italian, family-run business. Every single product is made at its Nepi plant. As for its management, all the major decision-making positions are held by family members, which helps it take immediate, well-informed action in any situation, with shared goals that ensure clarity and determination in the Group’s strategic moves.

From bathroom furnishings to cutting-edge tubs

In its four decades of activity, Gruppo Treesse has moved from building bathroom furnishings into manufacturing state-of-the-art tubs and multifunctional shower cabins. The experience it acquired in those early days lingers on in its ability to work with all kinds of materials, but especially wood. The latter still plays a role in its collection of tubs, examples being the Calipso or Epoca One Top, made entirely of wood, or the New Classic or Matrix: models which add to the quality and design of the range.

Design: prestigious, highly qualified partners

The company considers fine design to be of prime importance, so it has ongoing relationships with prestigious, highly qualified names in the field. Marc Sadler, an ultramodern, minimalist designer – born in Austria and based in Milan, but with a highly international outlook – works with the Italian brands best known for cutting-edge design. With his input, the company is making a huge leap forward in its R&D and international reputation. This effort is already bearing fruit, like the ADI DESIGN INDEX listing for the FUSION SPA designed by Sadler. An equally distinguished partner is the studio of Fabrizio Batoni, a highly acute and curious architect; also entrusted with product presentation at fairs, it earned us a prestigious CERSAIE AWARD for booth design in 2013. Another important collaboration is with the studio of Paolo Parea, a Rome-based designer and university professor with a special flair for making everyday objects attractive: he keeps our product range up to date through skillful restyling, and his ingenious, inventive touches give aesthetic appeal to even the most difficult products. Anika Elisabetta Luceri’s passion for design and innate artistic talent are the key reasons why the company turns to her in particular for its decorated, customized tubs. Last but not least, we can also rely on the vast experience and top-tier artistic talent of Alessandro Lenarda.

Technology: innovation, research and quality

Gruppo Treesse has carved out a place at the top of the Italian bathtub sector, alongside the leading international brands. This prestigious standing has been attained through significant investments in research and development, backed up by stringent quality control procedures: before reaching the market, each piece is subjected to a meticulous final inspection. A key role in innovation is played by the materials we use to craft our products: Crystaltech and special resins, for instance, which help us create shapes and objects that would be impossible to achieve using traditional plastics.This has led to the registration of successful international patents for technology used in some Gruppo Treesse bathtubs: Ghost System, which hides the spa nozzles, leaving only a magical, innovative line of light, and MyTherme System, a high-tech concept that recreates the delightful feeling of a natural hot spring in your home bathtub.

Flexibility: a dynamic attitude and an eye on trends

Even though it’s pushing forty, Gruppo Treesse can still call itself a youthful company, because the team that works here is young and dynamic. It’s a choice that has been paying off, since today’s market demands highly flexible thought and action, people who can stay one step ahead of the trends, and a structure that adapts quickly and smoothly to changing tastes.

Products: from minimalist modernity to classic style

To meet the needs of domestic and international markets, Gruppo Treesse offers a vast product range. It skillfully employs a wide spectrum of materials (wood, glass, metal, etc.) and offers its own take on styles to meet all tastes, from a classic nineteenth-century look to the understated chic of the new millennium, producing everything from spa pools to minipools; large tubs, decorated tubs, corner tubs, and tubs for special needs; all the way to multifunctional shower cabins.

Customization: for special projects

The freedom of choice offered by our wide range of products is made even broader by special features, hardware, and color options, offering interior decorators and end clients a truly unique degree of customization. For its classic models, the company offers optional decorations that can even be customized to meet specific requests. In short, Gruppo Treesse has introduced a special element of bespoke craftsmanship into a very industrial, standardized sector, offering the possibility of tailormade design for a product that up to now was difficult or extremely expensive to customize.

The market: from italy, out into the world

The Gruppo Treesse is firmly established in Central Italy, near Rome. These Italian roots, which the company is proud of, have helped it rise to the top of the domestic market, but also look out into the world and tackle the leading international markets, from Switzerland to Polynesia, by way of the Arab nations, Russia, and the Middle and Far East.

Communication: creativity and visibility

Lastly, communication and visibility are what make all our efforts pay off, showing everyone – professionals and dealers, architecture studios and end customers – the path that Gruppo Treesse has chosen to follow. The company takes out eye-catching ads in the most highly qualified interior design magazines, and distributes comprehensive, sophisticated catalogues at points of sale to showcase its products and their features, while for global visibility, it has a website with both desktop and mobile versions. It also takes part in all the leading fairs and events for bathroom decor in Italy and abroad: a sphere where it has received truly gratifying recognition, like the 2013 CERSAIE AWARD for best booth design. ... More ... less

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