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Grado is a manufacturer of furniture, accessories and furnishings with a contemporary style, for the residential and contract sector with a transversal cut that makes the products suitable for multiple environments and different uses.
Grado was created by Vincenzo Vinci and Alex Chai in 2013 in Hangzhou, a city near the coast in eastern China. The founders have a background in higly successful projects in the areas of furniture and interior. They believe in international aesthetic and high standards, under the principles of highest quality manufactured and sustainability in terms of human resources and environment involving only professional partner that share their vision and principles.
Producer of contemporary collection of furnitures and accessories for residential and contract use suitable for cross-cutting environments. Creation of interior architecture for entertainment and work areas.

Brand DNA

Grado offers attractive, significant and rich in stories products because the objects speak of Grado. Objects are not innocent, they express a way of thinking, a taste, a lifestyle. In the design they recreate the feelings and ideas that are important for the company, hoping that they will find in others a correspondence, a shared sensitivity.
The naming “Grado” cannot be truly understood without understanding our origins. The company born with italian background (known for the tradition of aesthetic, innovation, quality, comfort), in fact ‘grado’ is italian for degree with the meaning to don’t stay straight because we learned a lot about the importance to have a personal vision of life and work and how places and objects are placed and, used and experienced
Grado was founded by two young entrepreneurs that as collegue at work, have shared experiences and point of views of what is useful and desirable, for this they designed a system of research and development and production that can provide a wide range of design products to as many as possible and can be integrated into different surroundings. ... More ... less

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