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Glimakra of Sweden is a Swedish company that pruduces office furniture with high acoustic design factors, flexibility and better quality. With these, Glimakra of Sweden creates favourable soundscapes for different types of public spaces. With knowledge and experience, they develop and manufacture products in their own production in Glimåkra. Many eminent designers have worked for ongoing cooperation.

Glimakra of Sweden: from the start

Ever since the company started in 1948 and until 1998, manufacture of handlooms has been an important part of the business. In the mid-80s the business was increasingly targeted on designed interior products for public spaces. Since 2006, Glimakra started manufacturing custom made windows for modern villas, apartment buildings and historically valuable buildings and since 2012 they produce wall and screen system in high pressure decorative laminate for shower rooms, laundry rooms and dressing rooms. In 2016, Glimakra of Sweden bought a production unit in Tranås, a leading supplier of veneered components to the furniture and interior carpentry industry.

Low impact production at Glimakra of Sweden

With the customer in focus, they aspire for their business to have as little environmental impact as possible. Glimakra products are timeless and of superior quality with a long life: unmixed materials are used which makes product recycling easier. To further shield the environment, Glimakra chooses suppliers in the immediate area and thereby reducing transportation distances. Glimakra of Sweden is environmental and quality certified according to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. Most of our products are labelled with Möbelfakta. Möbelfakta sets strict requirements for quality, environment and social responsibility. Thus, Möbelfakta is the most complete product labelling for Swedish furniture. When you buy a product labelled with Möbelfakta you can be sure that you get a great product. ... More ... less

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