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Ghidini Lighting is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of technical lighting for indoor and outdoor. Founded by Gianpietro Ghidini in 1974, Ghidini has always focused on its research in the development of a wide range of products for outdoor use, contributing to enhance residential or commercial environments through a design that integrates harmoniously in the most diverse contexts. The products are manufactured using materials and components of the highest level that guarantee reliability and efficiency over time.
Lucitalia Milano was founded in 1966 and quickly established itself as one of the most original and innovative manufacturers of modern design products. In fact, its fame exploded when, in 1983, they proposed on the market the Kandido table lamp, designed in collaboration with Ferdinand Alexander Porsche.
In 2018 Lucitalia, while maintaining its brand identity, joins Ghidini Lighting, allowing designers to interface with a single interlocutor for the development of both indoor and outdoor projects. Ghidini and Lucitalia produce architectural lighting fixtures with a contemporary and functional design that integrate harmoniously in different design contexts, ensuring high visual comfort, and improving the well-being of people through the enhancement of environments and spaces through light and shapes. The fruitful collaboration of Ghidini & Lucitalia with internationally renowned designers is constantly growing and today boasts in its history names such as: Gianfranco Frattini, Adonis, Ignazio Caltha; Toshiyuki Kita, Rodolfo Bonetto Rio, Flu, Todo; Giugiaro Design, Asahara Sigeaki, Francesco Brivio, Carlo Fassina and Giancarlo Forcolini, Serge & Robert Cornelissen, Gabi Peretto, Margarita Kroucharska, Gianni Forcolini, Maurizio Parrini.

Ghidini Lighting: Research & Development

The Ghidini and Lucitalia Research & Development Department is based on product development processes tested in 50 years of experience and is supported by the use of advanced 3D software and simulation and by an internal laboratory equipped with the most modern systems for the execution tests for luminaires in accordance with European regulatory standards (EN 60598-1). In the laboratory it is possible to perform water tightness (IP) tests, heating and durability tests in the thermoregulated chamber, moisture resistance tests, EMC electromagnetic compatibility tests and all other minor tests required by current legislation. To meet the most demanding international standards, the laboratory is equipped with a goniophotometer, a useful tool for photometric measurements. This luminaire is equipped with a new angular calorimetric function that allows the measurement of color and color temperature coordinates in degrees Kelvin.

The production cycle and Ghidini Lighting products

The entire production Ghidini and Lucitalia is located in Italy are used only materials and components of the highest quality, to ensure long-lasting operation, which is why all management processes are certified ISO 9001.
The main components of Ghidini and Lucitalia products are made of low copper content aluminum that guarantees a very high resistance to oxidation, while for the smaller parts stainless steel is used. Aluminium, besides being known for its ductility, lightness and mechanical resistance, is also an exceptional thermal conductor. Thermal conductivity is a fundamental and necessary quality for the dissipation of heat generated by LEDs. Maintaining an optimal operating temperature of the LED ensures a longer life over the years in terms of light quality and less decay of the luminous flux. Raw aluminium is processed through various industrial production processes, such as die casting, extrusion or stamping. It is also used for structural components vital for the aerospace industry and in many other areas where lightness, durability and strength are needed. In addition, aluminium is completely recyclable.
The painting process is based on years of research and experience to protect the lighting fixtures and make them withstand the various climatic conditions and the aggressiveness of the weather. The quality of the paints used is based on multiple phases.
Through a process of pre-painting the aluminum and steel surfaces with the use of ceramic nano-particles, a cohesive inorganic layer of great compactness is created, which represents an excellent basis for anchoring the paints, ensuring greater surface area of adhesion than traditional phosphates. Finally, the powder coating has excellent characteristics of UV resistance, no crumbling, excellent mechanical characteristics and high resistance to atmospheric agents. For installations where corrosion protection requires higher standards, a pre-treatment of epoxy powder (primer) is introduced, which allows better corrosion and abrasion resistance. ... More ... less

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