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Founded by Umberto and Gian Luca Gessi in 1992 in Serravalle Sesia, in the Vercelli area, Gessi immediately managed to establish itself in the domain of design taps for the bathroom and kitchen. The solutions for the bathroom by Gessi and the tap collections for the kitchen share the same aesthetic research and technical qualities, for a range of creative solutions that encompass freestanding and wall-mounted mixers. The catalog also includes overheads shower, washbasins and sanitary ware, electronic taps, accessories and fabrics for the bathroom aimed as for residential use as for the hospitality sector.
Common denominator to all products in the wide offer by Gessi is the quality of the Made in Italy production – that finds its place in a seventy thousands square meters building designed to autonomously produce 40% of the required energy – and an approach to wellness that makes use of design to stimulate the senses and improve the quality of life.

Gessi: taps and accessories for the bathroom since 1992

The first production of taps by Gessi dates back to 1992 with the Griffe collection; it was in 1996 with the Diverso collection that the company sealed its vocation to the manufacturing of design taps which catalog is nowadays renowned among architects and interior designers as a reference for the bathroom furniture. Gessi proposes itself as the “water designer” with products that are able to supply it in various ways and in combination with elements such as air ad light.
Among the most famous and successful tap series by Gessi there is the Rettangolo collection, a family of minimalist mixers for the bathroom designed by Prospero Rasulo in 2002 with an essential design inspired by the geometric shape it drives its name from. While keeping its minimalist style, the range of design taps for the bathroom by Gessi has been influenced by other styles that have contributed to enrich it. As an example, the Goccia collection released in 2010 was designed by Rasulo with organic lines that evoke the water flow.
The Gessi Private Wellness collection is a project dedicated to wellness that offers the widest array of overhead showers and hydromassage stainless steel elements for the shower in the world. Rain showers, cascades and atomizers are solutions that can be installed both in a domestic environment and in the hospitality sector. Gessi proposition for the bathroom is completed by L’Officina delle Terre that includes washbasins, sanitary ware, shower trays, bathtubs and accessories; through the Gessi Home Collection, the company from Piemonte also proposes textiles, small accessories for the bathroom and home fragrances.

Taps and mixers for the kitchen by Gessi

The kitchen taps by Gessi stand out for their aesthetic as well as technological research. Among the most notorious collections here we mention: Officine Gessi, that results from a work on mechanics formal language; Gessi 316, available in the bathroom and kitchen versions, that proposes a peculiar work of the stainless steel material, weaved as if it was fabric; the Inciso taps collection designed by David Rockwell, where Gessi craftsman manufacturing tradition meets the soul proper of American kitchens. Many of Gessi kitchen taps collections are available in the electronic version, to also suit professional destinations and the hospitality sector. ... More ... less

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