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Faenza / Italy

Garvan Acoustic shapes the emotion of sound and music. Born in 2005 in Faenza from the passion of the two founding partners, it has been able to combine acoustic technology with the most refined design, creating a perfect synthesis of form and performance. We manufacture architectural sound solutions offering a premium listening experience thanks to the presence of architectural loudspeakers and sound-absorbing surfaces which perfectly blend with the environment. Garvan Acoustic strives to put their knowledge at the service of creativity and design; they help projects to become reality. Made in Italy and Italian style are the basis of all our solutions and the result of a skillful craftsmanship reflecting superior quality and attention to detail.

Garvan Acoustic sound-absorbing surfaces

Since 2005, research in the field of acoustic technologies for the optimization of sound and environmental acoustics has been one of the brand key actions. At the Faenza headquarters, Garvan Acoustic works in a reverberation room whose walls reflect sound waves, in order to test each sound-absorbing surface. They also have a semi-anechoic chamber, a technological laboratory for performing acoustic tests, thanks to which it is possible to perform accurate phonometric measurements excluding reflected sound components and background noise. All their creations are carefully assembled and tested one by one. Garvan has always placed great importance on innovation and technology by constantly looking for new, high-tech solutions further securing the high performance of its products. In 2006 Garvan launched its revolutionary flush mount system, making speakers almost invisible by enabling them to “disappear” into the wall, thus paving the way for new and unexplored aesthetic solutions. Having introduced the use of ceramics, stainless steel and Corian®, Garvan performs special tests and studies on these materials in order to make them suitable for cabinets, both by combining them with other materials and by subjecting them to special treatments. Garvan also puts a priority on researching the application of the latest sound technologies to its products, with a view to optimizing their sound quality. The so-called G.Bass technology, for example, is applied to outdoor speakers and offers an excellent response in the low frequency region by using a double driver loaded by a transmission line, thus avoiding the use of additional subwoofers. Thanks to the experience and know-how of their specialized audio technicians and to their cutting-edge audio equipment, Garvan Acoustic gives life to innovative solutions. ... More ... less

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