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Galassia has produced ceramics for the bathroom and kitchen since 1980. The company's mission is to integrate functionality, harmony of form, unique design, and quality. Thanks to the latest production technologies, continuous modernization, and the constant improvement of production techniques combined with high craftsmanship, Galassia manufactures quality sanitary fixtures, washbasins, shower trays, and bathroom accessories. Galassia presents a wide range of products and collections that move beyond the concept of sanitary ceramics to ensure excellence. The brand's production includes furnishings and complements for the bathroom, like the ERGO table, whose purity of form is defined by white ceramics enlivened by the warm and enveloping shades of wood, and the MEG11 wall lamp. Galassia also includes a wide variety of bathroom accessories and mirrors.

Galassia, ceramics for the bathroom and kitchen

Ceramics is a natural product that has been used since ancient times. When the raw materials are combined together, they come to life, shaped by the most advanced technologies and finished manually by skilled artisans. Galassia seeks to create lasting products of unique beauty and superior performance. Manufacturing processes include the use of precision tools and technologies that require important manual skill and craftsmanship. First, plaster molds are made by hand to form the product. Then each piece is finished by hand and cared for in every detail before being enameled. After the final firing, quality control is undertaken before shipping. Galassia's ageless ceramic tradition creates products that become the absolute protagonists of any context. The world of Galassia kitchens and sinks offers distinctive solutions suitable for every furnishing need. The skillfully worked ceramic material lends itself to many contemporary stylistic expressions. To deliver customized solutions for all tastes and contexts, the wide selection of sinks in fine fire clay exist in countertop, semi-recessed and under-mounted versions. DUAL MOUNT 5124 is a built-in sink that embraces design and industrial culture, while FLUTED 5131 is a reversible sink with a hollow thickness, available in glossy white, glossy black, or matt and glossy biscuit. Galassia also offers ceramic sinks for the laundry area; these design objects, like the Meg11 collection designed by Antonio Pascale, merge functionality, aesthetics, and technology. The basic and light white ceramic objects blend well with the wooden grooved support to provide warmth and style in any setting.

Galassia sinks, bathtubs, and sanitary fixtures

Galassia has a selection of bathroom sinks with balanced shapes, studied in detail with sizes for every need. Galassia manufactures suspended, pedestal, countertop, and built-in models. Bathroom sinks include the M2 collection, with its minimalist design and wide range of versatile options to meet different needs. The striking CORE collection, with its cylindrical washbasin, was designed by Antonio Pascale for Ceramica Galassia. Its elegant geometric design is available in various colors. Combined with metal structures and furnishings with ceramic shelves, it offers perfect material integration and chromatic continuity. Galassia produces bathtubs with attention to every detail, like the MEG11 collection. FLOW is an oval bathtub with soft and sinuous lines, while QUADRA is rectangular with a more rigorous design. Brilliant and pleasing to the touch, these two bathtubs offer unique sensations. Made entirely in acrylic material resistant to shock and scratches, both are synonymous with style and lightness. They are formally and chromatically versatile; its milk-white tone can be combined easily with other ceramic fixtures. Galassia ceramic sanitary ware can work with all bathroom furnishings. The M2 collection is the most innovative project in recent years; the superior, formally balanced ceramic toilets and bidets adapt easily to any context. ... More ... less

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