Fratelli Boffi

Lentate sul Seveso / Italy

Fratelli Boffi is an Italian furniture company that works mainly with wood to create products with classical inspired sculptural shapes, revisited in a modern key. The ancient cabinet making tradition and the company's artisanal experience make it possible to create, every year, a rich variety of products in which materials and shapes are the absolute protagonists: a collection of furnishings that responds to contemporary comfort, while remaining modernly functional, even if not detaching from the precious heritage of tradition.

Fratelli Boffi: the distinctive elements of the company

Harmonic patchwork of materials, shapes and expressions. Every collection is defined by proportion, fantasy and meticulous research of fine finishes and essences revisited with a contemporary key that add eccentric visions and ironic interpretations, combining the long Italian tradition in the field of wood manufacturing with well-advanced techniques in the field of finishings. This continuous research and updating is one of the two souls of the Fratelli Boffi. If the first is dedicated to research and goes through all possible ways, the second, on the other hand, expresses itself with prestige in the world of public spaces and in the contract more in general, with projects including turnkey projects. Its contract division, in fact, works to develop and create great projects such as hotels, private homes, villas, residences or offices all over the world, even with tailor made products.

Since 1928 to 2000: the history of the Fratelli Boffi brand

The story begins in 1928 with Carlo Boffi, who as an artisan, achieved the reputation as one of the best chair carvers, capable of reproducing the typical French style of the Louis XV - Louis XVI period. In 1953 the second generation Federico, Roberto and Michele started working, and in 1968 the new plant in Lentate was constructed. From integrated factory, in which the production of the solid wood, the panels, the paddings up to the lacquering expanded, came thereafter the time of technology and in every department new machines were integrated. At the same time, came the decision to exit from the small world of Brianza and open up to the world: thus begins the internationalization and partnerships with the great American department stores. In the 80s began the first encounter with the world of avant-garde design and collaboration with Aldo Cibic, which gave birth to the collection “Antologia”. At the same time, there was a meeting with Giorgio Pulici, the image consultant for major companies in the fashion industry. The relationship has gradually consolidated and collaborations have intensified, thus forming many of the collections which Fratelli Boffi has developed over the years. From the 2000s onwards, the company has intensified its collaboration with the designers from around the world, presenting each year new and eclectic products in the framework of beautiful and fascinating booths: from Nigel Coates, Ferruccio Laviani, passing through Philippe Bestenheider, Martino Berghinz, Giopato & Coombes, Marc Krusin, Christophe de la Fontaine, to the latest collections signed by Archer Humphryes Architects and Analogia Project. ... More ... less

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