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Fogo is an impactful French start-up that develops and markets elegant and innovative heating solutions. Fogo is proud to present a new range of latest generation radiators which feature multiple innovations:

A material innovation: the alliance of concrete and Graphene.
Ultra High-Performance Fiber Concrete is a concrete made from 35% recycled aggregates and organic fibers, which uses 4 times less water for its design than traditional concrete. It has excellent mechanical resistance and thermal inertia. The use of concrete on the facade of our radiators allows to offer unlimited customization options. Indeed, there's the possibility of pouring this concrete into tailor-made molds in order to obtain radiators with atypical dimensions, which can, for example, fit perfectly on a wall or under a plinth. By directly adding natural pigments to the manufacture of UHPFC, it is also possible to obtain a particular color, so that your radiators blend completely into your decor. Finally, thanks to silicone molds, it's possible to obtain a particular texture to transform the radiators into a real artwork created exclusively for the clients. To heat this concrete, Fogo uses a screen-printed layer of Graphene, a superconducting material with record electrical and thermal conductivity properties, which allows the temperature to rise in just a few minutes.

A software innovation: Artificial Intelligence serving the right energy.
Fogo's radiators feature various latest generation sensors (air inlet and outlet temperature, presence sensor, air quality sensor, CO2 sensor, etc.). All these sensors transmit information to Artificial Intelligence (developed internally) which allows it to optimize its electricity consumption according to user habits and their environment. For example, by making the most of off-peak hours and taking advantage of the inertia of the BFUHP. Fogo received the Janus from the French Institute of Design as well as the CES Innovation Award in 2023. ... More ... less

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