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Bathroom solutions with unique textures and colours born out of a passion for innovation. At Fiora we design and produce comprehensive solutions for the bathroom. Shower trays, wall panels, radiators, furnishings and sinks in polyurethane, a material specially suitable for humid or damp conditions. With designs in harmony with space and time which feature technological precision combined with the delicacy of hand crafted workmanship. These two values may first seem at odds, but we at Fiora see them as the key to what do when perfectly matched together. It all began with an ambitious objective, namely to combine innovative design, state of the art technology and materials and a passion for quality. The Fiora story began in the 1980’s in La Rioja with a shared vision of offering innovative bathroom solutions; a space where Fiora is at the centre of life, a personal and intimate place where materials and finishes are essential in creating a quality environment with which people can immediately connect. In order to achieve this we became one the first companies to use polyurethane in bathroom fittings. Subsequently we began to introduce textures to the polyurethane, which completely revolutionized the bathroom sector. Our spirit of adventure has led us to explore new terrains, and so we began to apply these materials and techniques on further product ranges such as shower trays, wall panels, radiators and sinks. Innovation and design continue to play a key role in our daily routine, always looking towards the future and our response to new demands. Behind every product there exists state of the art technical innovation combined with the human touch provided by our production team. We all share the same values: dedication and passion for innovation.

Fiora: innovation and design in the bathroom

Industrial precision and craftsmanship are the values reflected in our work. Fiora is the combination of our passion for innovation and our taste for work where the details are the key. Day by day, our drive to create new solutions encourages us to observe experiment and achieve something different. In short, something special. The development of designs, textures and colours is an essential part of the design process. Our creative and technical teams work together to produce products adapted to present and future needs, with new and delicate finishes and a colour palette based on a detailed chromatic study. Innovation is a value which is forged into the DNA of our brand. Fiora was born out of the search for new and innovative materials which respond to the needs of the bathroom. Thanks to our thirst for discovering new solutions we work every day on new technological and production methods. Our polyurethane designs provide all the water resistance necessary for bathroom use. To this we add the industrial precision of our manufacturing processes, combined with the delicacy and devotion of true craftsmanship.

We have a multidisciplinary team where designers, craftsmen and material engineers work hand in hand in the search for new solutions adapted to current and future needs. Although we have specialist teams for each type of product, we all work together to explore new ideas in all fields. The ability of the founders of Fiora to identify opportunities where others have failed continues to be a source of inspiration for the whole team. The textures of our designs create a dialogue between material and light, finishes and spaces, providing a unique tactile dimension to each surface. The textures are the result of a meticulous process of development. Every one of them is initially created by hand and subsequently realized using high precision industrial techniques. We offer a palette of colours based on a careful chromatic study. Tones with character which are also resistant to the passage of time. Nine colours which multiple the possibilities for personalization, with two exciting new tones available: Pearl and Nude. We can produce customized colours on the standard RAL.

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