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With its many years of experience in the production of expanded mesh and grating, Fils offers a particularly broad range of products, services and solutions for the construction industry, metal working and architecture. A company of international renown. Why choose Fils. Tailored solutions. Fils offers design engineers guaranteed safety and reliability, thanks to its great professionalism and flexibility, satisfying their frequent needs for tailored solutions. Products that are developed in close collaboration with the customer, to meet specific needs, from the basic concept to the final installation. New product development. The Grigliofils step, the Ultra Limites mesh. Fils responds to market demands for innovative, exclusive products. Grigliofils is the only NTC 2008 certified step capable of supporting concentrated loads. The Ultra Limites meshes offer the largest format of expanded mesh. Fils never rests on its laurels: its products comply with the very latest standards and regulations, it constantly adds new products to its already broad range of expanded mesh and can even produce mesh tailored to meet specific requirements. L HOLDING Italfim and Fils are part of the L HOLDING Group, boasting the Longhi Group brand. This well-established concern focuses on innovation, automation and rationalised production and logistics. Corporate responsibility All our products are carefully made to meet current specific laws and regulations regarding accident prevention and safety. All production personnel are fully protected by the European Union work safety laws. Sustainability and eco-compatibility of materials Fils has a truly 'green' policy that goes beyond mere intentions and declarations: its production processes and the materials it uses all have a low environmental impact. As part of the L HOLDING Group it abides by strict policies on energy saving and respect for the environment. Respect for the environment means looking to the future. 100% Made in Italy Products made exclusively in Italy. ... More ... less

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