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Fiam is an Italian company that produces furnishing accessories, born from the passion for glass of its founder, Vittorio Livi. After graduating from the Liceo Artistico Mengaroni high school in Pesaro, Livi chose work as a glassmaker, first as an apprentice in a workshop and later as a craftsman specializing in the production of stained glass. Endowed with a strong entrepreneurial vocation, Livi founded several glass-processing companies, united under the name Fiam Italia. It was 1973, the year in which Livi's artistic flair, combined with a deep knowledge of the material, came to fruition in the creation of Onda Pouf, a curved glass stool made from a single sheet. A technical and conceptual feat that was repeated in 1984 with the table and small table from the Ragno collection, which still represents FIAM Italia's technical mastery, along with the Ghost armchair, which in 1987 kicked off collaborations with the most famous international designers. In fact, it is due to the creativity of Cini Boeri and his collaborator Tomu Katayanagi, the design of this armchair, made with a single sheet of 12 mm glass, folded and cut like origami to form the seat, armrests and backrest. Here began the successful parabola of FIAM, whose iconic products are exhibited in 25 international museums, not to mention numerous awards and recognitions, including two Compassi d'Oro for lifetime achievement, one for founder and designer Vittorio Livi, and one to the Ghost armchair.

Fiam's collections of curved glass furniture and complements

Furniture and complements in curved glass, an element that has always characterized the image of FIAM Italia, have a prominent place in the catalog. Among the historical collections, Rialto stands out, characterized by essential and now unmistakable lines. A sheet of glass forms the top and bends at the sides to shape the supports. A coordinated line of tables and coffee tables, including the Rialto Tris version, consoles and shelves, complemented by furniture integrated with white lacquered wood elements, as in the Rialto drawer unit, mounted on wheels, or the Rialto 1 and Rialto Isola desks. Or, the Inori modular bookcase, designed by Setsu and Shinobu Ito, with glass or wood shelves and uprights that can be freely positioned thanks to a system of tracks for anchoring and sliding. Another historic piece, characterized by its strong aesthetic impact, is the Luxor table, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Available in smoked or bronze laminated glass, the top is supported by 10mm glass cylinders, declined in smoked, bronze, black 95, transparent or extralight, back-silvered and painted or back-painted white versions. Great protagonists of the FIAM catalog are mirrors, elements that have been ennobling glass for centuries. Among the latest arrivals is Francesca Lanzavecchia's Shift family, previewed at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2023. Among the iconic pieces that have marked FIAM's history, we can mention the Rosy mirror, designed by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas, made of retro-silvered fused glass, which in its thickness of only 10 mm creates an illusion of depth. Among the most recent collections, the Echo display case designed by Marcel Wanders Studio, who also signed the Cristaline collection of small tables, presented at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2023, stands out.

Not only glass: Fiam sideboards, tables and chairs

Glass blends perfectly with wood in the sideboards of the FIAM catalog, going to blend in on the doors by virtue of skillful processing. Extending to this much in vogue storage unit is the aforementioned Echo collection, with the dramatic fused glass front forming a 3D decoration declined in silver, bronze, white or volcano gray versions. Cutting-edge technologies in glass processing enable FIAM to shape novel surfaces, such as that of the table tops in the Coral Beach collection, designed by Mac Stopa. Resting on the painted metal base is the 15 mm glass top, fused at high heat and tempered, featuring a pattern of spheres "embedded" in the thickness. The table is available in transparent or back-painted versions in lava gray, midnight blue, brilliant brown or brilliant black. Exclusive and elegant, the range of chairs offered by FIAM match perfectly with the tables in the catalog. From the simple, linear Dress chair, designed by Archirivolto Design, to the sophisticated Oscar armchair, designed by Patrick Norguet, FIAM chairs feature leather or leather upholstery. ... More ... less

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