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The history of the two Tuscan design brands - Green, specialized in seats in innovative plastic materials, and fasem, a leading company in the production of furniture in finest hide and soft leathers- is strongly rooted in the territory and revolves around the availability of fine leathers. and in general to the tradition and good taste of this historic land. Green srl is located a few kilometers from Pisa and Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, the cradle of the Renaissance and source of inspiration for thousands of artists, also the cradle of the craftsmanship of finest hide and soft leathers and its transformation into high fashion, luxury or even everyday objects. The craftsmanship of leathers is perhaps one of the oldest professions in Florence, hand in hand with the production of wine and artistic masterpieces: ancient traditions with strong historical roots.

fasem: handmade production

The "fasem collection" of green srl is a line of chairs, armchairs, stools and tables, rigorously handmade in Italy according to the most ancient Florentine tradition. Famous international designers, such as Oscar Niemeyer, Vladimir Kagan, Ross Lovegrove, Giancarlo Vegni, Patrick Norguet... have contributed to the success of “fasem” products in Italy and in the whole world, creating them for the most exclusive clients: prestigious private homes, professional offices as well as what a high profile hotel or resort. The fasem brand, synonymous with the highest qualitỳ, ensures that each piece of its collection is unique, made to measure thanks to a wide range of exclusive finishes and numerous customization possibilities designed to satisfy all requests, even the most demanding.

Green: polypropylene furnishing

The "green collection" of Green srl, also made up of a collection of chairs, armchairs, stools and tables, 100% Italian design and rigorously produced in Italy with the exception of some components produced within the European community. It was designed to satisfy a wider demand deriving from the ho.re.ca sector and from private homes. In fact, by freely combining seats, backrests and many other elements, mainly produced in polypropylene or polycarbonate of excellent manufacturing, quality and solidity, each Green item is transformed into an "on demand" masterpiece. Colorful and lively, Green products give an extra touch to any environment, whether refined or informal, indoor or outdoor. The green collection consists of furnishing accessories in a timeless classic style, modern or more original, with a multitude of fresh and cheerful color combinations, always elegant and perfect for decorating outdoor or indoor spaces. The "Green Collection" has become an increasingly important product line for the company, capable of seducing the most diverse clientele, from the popular Mac Donalds, to the exclusive Four Seasons hotels as well as the kitchens and terraces for lovers of Italian design. ... More ... less

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