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The F.A.N Europe Lighting was born in the early 1900s, starting as a glass manufacturing company quickly becoming nowadays one of the most complete and competitive lighting companies in Italy. The company collaborates with non-European companies to create highly technological products with a sophisticated design, maintaining total control for what concerns the product design, quality control and compliance with European quality and regulatory standards. Since 2022, a new headquarter in Milan has been added to the historic 30,000 m2 company in Nola, province of Naples, to gradually expand relationships with European, further implement logistics and quality control. The two headquarters work in synergy to ensure optimal coverage of the Italian and European territory. Currently the company has a strong network of agents in Italy, France, Spain and distributors in Germany and resellers all over the world. Since 2010 the company keeps on cultivating and improving its leading brands Luce Ambiente Design, INTEC and INTEC Bulbs Collection, offering a wide range of lighting products and components in order to cover any functional and stylistic need and constantly evolving to keep up with technology.

Luce Ambiente Design and INTEC: Fan Europe Lighting brands

LAD is a brand dedicated to lighting fixtures with a simple functionality but rich in personality and design. From classic and timeless designs to modern and eccentric shapes. Within the catalog of more than 2500 references you can find the answer to any stylistic need, from wall lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps and table lamps of refined materials and designs to make the most out of aesthetics. INTEC is the brand that currently represents the company’s flagship, a selection of more than 3000 products destiated to domestic, commercial or industrial use that bind together to cover the variety of market demands. Starting from the use of materials such as plaster, simple but compatible with different needs, up to industrial products with high lumen and performance. A wide range of low voltage products, technical components and lighting accessories to complete a projects from A to Z without ever changing supplier. A selection of high-quality drivers from our own production and renowned companies such as Meanwell and Dali controllers. Products compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and controllable via the SMART INTEC app, owned and developed by the company itself. ... More ... less

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