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Extremis is a Belgian company that designs outdoor furniture, especially outdoor picnic tables, chairs and benches. A collection of products appreciated all over the world that, starting from its headquarters in Belgium, meets the tastes of design lovers. For Extremis, design is not just a set of ideas, lines, combinations of materials, but a vehicle for improving the quality of life. Extremis' furnishings are not born as the result of a mere exercise in style, but with the purpose of solving problems and become tools of aggregation, capable of bringing happiness into people's lives. Design therefore is aggregation, but production must remain sustainable. Over the years, Extremis has repeatedly reaffirmed its environmentalist vocation. Each of the company's products is made in Belgium using environmentally sustainable materials and employing efficient production techniques. Several awards and recognitions have been won by Extremis products: German Design Award in 2019, but also Green Good Design and DME Award Sustainabilty. If environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of Extremis' actions, the other is definitely innovation. In this area, the company has received the Interior Innovation Award, the Red Dot Award and the IF Gold Award.

Extremis furniture as tools for togetherness

Extremis is founded in 1994 by Dirk Wynants. The idea to be pursued is immediately clear: to create furniture that enables people to make the most of their outdoor and indoor environments. Thus, design becomes a means to experience pleasant moments together with friends, or to relax at the end of a tiring day. The first product is the Gargantua picnic table, which was launched in 1994 and has become a true outdoor furniture classic over time. A table with built-in benches that can seat up to 12 people and can be placed in private as well as public areas. Gargantua is designed to be integrated with the Inumbra sunshade.

The Hopper table is also suitable for enclosed office and study environments as a meeting table. Also available in a picnic table version with integrated benches, it is part of the brand's award-winning Hopper collection, which is among the brand's most popular and also includes the Hopper Shade gazebo. One of the collections that perfectly interprets Extremis' concept of aggregation is Panigiri, whose Greek word means "to bring everyone together." Panigiri is a generously sized steel and wood table, also available with built-in benches. Each station is easily accessible to everyone, without having to climb over the bench. The version without an integrated bench can be complemented by 8 Captain's Pipe chairs. One of the brand's latest innovations is Manille: the concept is still that of a table capable of bringing several people together, a module with integrated benches for 4 people that can be juxtaposed and multiplied to increase more and more aggregation. Manille is also inclusive is accessible because the side seats are suitable for people with wheelchairs, plus it can be equipped with an integrated umbrella system as a shelter from the sun.

Extremis outdoor furniture design

There are numerous creative designers who have chosen to work in collaboration with Extremis, in addition to Dirk Wynants, the company's founder. Designs by the Metrica studio, founded by Robin Rizzini, enrich Extremis's catalog of furniture in which white dominates, some of the company's best sellers, such as the Marina Picnic garden table, a single block formed by a table with side benches, which can be combined with other elements for a hypothetically infinite length. In 2002, designer Xavier Lust designed for Extremis a table halfway between furniture and a work of art: PicNik, composed of a single sheet of metal shaped to make the top and side seats, a sculptural object, but also very functional, suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces, light and manageable. Australian studio Globalhaus designed the original Sticks divider for Extremis, made from thin rods attached to a wooden or rubber base, positioned non-parallel to the base to create the effect of a set of randomly arranged bamboo canes. Many wind-resistant, it is a perfect divider for outdoor areas and, in addition to the standard version, is also available with a curved base. ... More ... less

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