Expormim is a Spanish company that has been steadily manufacturing furniture to the general public all over the world since its founding in 1960. Born as “La exportadora de mimbre” for its aim was none other than the export of wicker products, its founder, Miguel Laso Tortosa, a former lawyer, decided to embark on this business for two main reasons: the lack of products made of natural materials in an emerging Europe and the need for a greater industrialization and modernization of the largely agricultural town of Moixent (south of Valencia), his hometown and the place where the factory was to be settled. The raw material these products required came from the nearby region of Cuenca and was processed in Moixent, where it was turned into baskets, folding screens, cradles and trays, all in a strictly artisanal way, a feature highly appreciated in most European countries. The creativity and passion of the founder, together with the constant search for innovation promoted by his son and successor, Miguel Laso Llopis, still characterize the company nowadays. More than 50 years and two generations after, the company decided to take yet another turn in its long history and pay tribute to what was once the most prized material: rattan. And right at that moment a fortunate coincidence happened: the meeting with the renowned architects Oscar Tusquets Blanca and Bendetta Tagliabue marked a significant landmark in the path of Expormim. It ushered a successful cooperation resulting in two brand new collections that placed the company back on the map of the design world.

The mix of craft and passion is still alive in every piece of furniture. Expormim has never stopped trusting the savoir faire of the artisans who have transmitted their knowledge from one generation to the next. Not just the bending of the rattan but also the manual sanding of the woodwork and the attaching of each component, everything is done by skilled craftsmen, who have acquired a deep knowledge and a wide experience over years of work and dedication. And thus our biggest secret is revealed: it is our craftsmen we rely on to keep on manufacturing unique and exclusive quality furniture. Quality and environmental sustainability are key elements as well. The use of clean recyclable materials defines the know-how of the company. Furthermore, all the products regard high quality and safety standards according to rule ISO 9001:2008 in order to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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