Exenza is not just a brand, but a real concept. A concept that creates, models, blends and mixes many influences and styles, up to the research for a surprising final result, always innovative and revolutionary, distant from traditional schemes but close to tradition and indissolubly linked to the natural and precious resources of the territory.
Exenza is not just a manufacturer of designer furniture, because lovers of the natural beauty of the elements are operating inside, using characteristics and possible transformations and combinations they can generate. Final end products signed by Exenza never leaves anything to chance. In fact, taking care of the smallest details from the first draft of the idea, we follow the production with delicacy, passion and dedication, from the choice of quality materials for their construction to the last stage of the manufacturing process, because the fundamental property that distinguishes us and our brand is the assiduous and constant research.
Exenza was born in 2001 from the union of ancient traditions inherent in the place where everything originates and future visions conceived by the imagination of the founder. Everything starts from the amazing beauty and charm of curved glass, strongly rooted in the history of its territory, and evolves through the discovery and use of new unexpected materials such as fabrics, ranging from wood to velvet, combining them to the curved glass giving warmth, in fact, highlighting its deepest features or, better, the essence, the term from which the name of our brand comes.
We firmly believe that all materials and raw materials have a soul, a very precise essence: a form of expression that is not only respected but also exalted and celebrated. Through the exclusive use of quality materials and the indispensable skill of expert and skilled hands in working them, our intention is to make the timeless classics modern, recalling tradition and applying it in the present, in the constant search for new expressive forms, materials and ideas. Because the past should not be forgotten, but made stronger and more current, mixing it with the present to give life to something unique, which does not need any definition: all this is Exenza. ... More ... less

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