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Rossella Ragazzi and Jacopo Antoniazzi, business people from Mantova, founded EVER Life design in 2011 when they were already working on bathroom accessories and aids with the Thermomat brand. The new company, specialising in universal design with remarkably accurate bathroom aids, tools and accessories, made its debut at the Salone del Mobile in Milan in 2014. EVER Life Design combines the "design for all" concept with a transversal approach that allows the same object to play different roles depending on where it is used. Together with Made-in-Italy design and quality, this philosophy has earned the brand prestigious awards, including the Compasso d'Oro ADI Mention of Honour and the National Award for Innovation.

EVER Life Design, multifunctional design bathroom accessories and furniture

For EVER Life Design, the human-care approach places people and spaces at the centre of design. This translates into multifunctional bathroom accessories, like "soft" washbasins in polyurethane, toilet bowls that make it easier to sit and stand up, towel rails that function as shelves or support handles, stools that can be used as waterproof shower seats or as side tables. Design is developed by a team of experts including Monica Graffeo, Diego Cisi and Gianni Arduini with Marco Frigerio to meet the needs of different age groups and contexts, from residential to contract. One of the brand's most illuminating projects is the Bounce washbasin by Monica Graffeo, who revisits the traditional, familiar and welcoming shapes of kitchenware using a special "anti-trauma", soft-to-the-touch polyurethane with a smooth and silky texture. The same material is used for the patented shower seat, Tuck Type by Gianni Arduini, equipped with a unique mechanism that makes it possible to raise the lower end and configure the seat, adjusting its height according to needs. This innovative product won the 2016 Award of Awards, the 2020 German Design Awards and got an Honourable Mention at the XXIV Compasso d'Oro.
Among the brand's most complete proposals is the Link collection by Archiplan Studio. It is a modular, rectilinear system composed of a cristalplant washbasin and a storage unit in different wood finishes, designed to free bathroom countertops from clutter. The front handle, which functions as a support and handhold, is also a towel holder. Archiplan Studio's toilet brush holder, Street, embodies the desire to create safe, ethical and universal objects, moving away from stereotypes that conjure images of decay and illness in favour of a language of normality, irony and contemporary taste. This "mundane" object acquires its identity through the use of materials such as concrete and brass. In addition to its traditional function, it also supports people in getting up from and sitting down on the toilet.

From the simple bathroom to home wellness

With the Tape collection by Monica Graffeo, EVER Life Design does not limit itself to the bathroom but also addresses the theme of wellness. This strip of equipment is designed for different uses and contexts: bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, studies, children's rooms. It promotes movement at all ages through a light, essential and compact system in sustainable materials. The world of home fitness also inspires Gambol, again by Monica Graffeo. The designer brings this collection of exercise equipment into the bathroom to add new functions, like towel rails and supports, creating the narrative of a body that wants to stay active and fit. Equally versatile and adaptable to all rooms in the home is the award-winning Dot system. Created for use as a towel holder with a hyper-essential design, it is characterised by two cylindrical elements that house small shelves for soap and bottles and a connecting cable that becomes the practical towel rail. Dot is a simple system for personalising the walls of the home. In the kitchen, it can function as a spice rack, in the bathroom as a cosmetics container, in the children's bedroom for storing games or pens thanks to a series of complementary accessories like a magazine rack, toilet roll holder, hook and a small shelf with or without cups, all with custom colours and compositions.

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