Essenze di Luce

San Giovanni al Natisone / Italy

Essenze di Luce was born from the experience and intuition of bringing together several professional disciplines - architects, stoneworking specialists, electrotechnical specialists and sound engineers - to create a range of outdoor lighting and speakers that are unique on the market, able to give a multisensory experience in any outdoor space.

Essenze di Luce: dynamic balance between craftsmanship and innovation

Essenze di Luce aims to create essential products, balanced between experimentation and research, all-Italian craftsmanship, innovation and careful use of the most advanced technologies, without losing sight of now essential values such as recycling and reuse.
The Essenze di Luce products range fits any outdoor space, from private gardens to resorts, to spas, hotels and public spaces; they are suitable for diving and can withstand any temperature and climatic condition.
Perfectly interchangeable, in case of exhaustion of the light or sound elements, the products are easily disassembled and the parts replaced.

Essenze di Luce‘s Made in Italy quality

Careful choice of materials, attention to recycling and reuse, strong drive towards technological innovation combined with traditional craftsmanship, passion: Essenze di Luce products‘ quality is the result of the combination of experience with technology, innovation with aesthetics, in a constant research aimed at offering an impeccable and unique product from every point of view.

Essenze di Luce’s collections

Essenze di Luce offers five multifunctional product collections:
Menhir of Light: stone elements whose shape remains natural and unchanged.
Menhir Minimal: essential shapes, linear geometries, with a rigorous identity and strong rationality.
Menhir Pool: immersion lighting system, also suitable for immersion in chemically treated water.
Menhir Sound: integrated lighting and sound diffusion systems.
Stake: a filiform light source with one or two light emissions in vertical section. ... More ... less

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