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Epònimo was founded in 2014 by Federico Carandini, former creative director of Baleri Italia, and Alberto Colzani, who consulted as product developer for the same company for over 10 years. They shared the desire to create a furniture collection that would maintain the high tenets of Design – the foundation of their cultural and professional background - while addressing the changing aesthetic and material sensitivities of today’s society. The new project starts with the Fuorisalone in Milano, the city where the company started and where the first collection of products was presented. Six years later the collection includes over 50 products and sells worldwide to retailers and specifiers, in the residential and contract business.

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The company is still based in Milano and all products are made within a fifty-kilometer radius from our offices by a selection of local vendors, small shops and artisans. Although Epònimo’s catalog focuses on primary products for the living and dining room - sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, low tables, side tables and a few accessories - these are typically quite versatile and translate well to other environments. The collection mediates between memories of the past and opportunities of the present, integrating familiarity with aesthetic and technical innovation, the core elements of contemporary furniture. The execution of Eponimo’s pieces is always technically modern but their aesthetic inspirations span through time: most are original concepts developed with a strong modern identity, while some evolve from promising archetypes and models from the past. We work with high-quality natural materials and our products are largely hand-made and always hand-finished. Ultimately they are functional, comfortable, elegant and above all unique. ... More ... less

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