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Villafranca Padovana / Italy

Eleni Srl is one of the reference companies in Italy in the production of decorative architectural elements made to design. It has been present on the Italian market since 2004 and brings the elegance of decorations to the rest of the world as well, opening the doors to international collaborations.
Passion and the continuous search for beauty led the company to create an innovative production of profiles in light, resistant and design material in 2017 for indirect lighting using LED light.
This is how the "Eleni Lighting" brand was born, which offers a complete range of surface-mounted and recessed veils for internal and external use.
These products allow you to create an elegant and modern indirect led lighting; they are designed for the insertion of an aluminum profile to house the LED strip, which has the function of both dissipating heat and creating a uniform visual effect. ... More ... less

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