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Characterised by intuitive and extreme ease of use, Ekinex automation devices merge traditional crafts and technological innovation. The Ekinex mission is to "simplify life" with devices that facilitate daily operations of homes and public contexts like schools, offices, industries, hospitals, etc. KNX technology that allows centralised management of any system underpins all Ekinex products – a single mechanism to manage lighting, air conditioning, shutters, blinds, and tracking energy and water consumption (cold, hot and sanitary water). In July 2019, the company sold a minority share to the Caleffi SpA brand, an important group operating for over sixty years in the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector.

Ekinex: monitoring heating, lighting and shading

The wide range of Ekinex KNX products includes system and function-oriented devices. In the first case, devices can be connected to a BUS system, while in the second, applications monitor heating, lighting and shading. Each device has a dedicated KNX-certified communications module, guaranteed by extensive conformity testing. Ekinex devices include a wide range of minimalist and elegant wall-mounted push-button products and numerous accessories that allow customisation to suit different needs. Room thermostats are one of the Ekinex strong points guaranteeing superior technological performance and impressive aesthetics. Equipped with two customised controls and integrated LEDs, these devices are recognised industry-wide as functionally superior. Touch&See Ekinex devices display and control BUS functions using a touch-screen to provide simple and intuitive control of all connected devices. Multifunctional Ekinex sensors can monitor various systems, including air conditioning and room lighting, to ensure optimum comfort. They are available in two versions - motion and presence sensors - to offer top performance with state-of-the-art technology.

Home and building automation: the KNX system

Thanks to the KNX system, Ekinex products guarantee minimal obsolescence and flexible control over operations. KNX is characterised by full compliance with CEI EN 50090 standards for electronic building control systems. After receiving a command, KNX actuators produce the functional response of the relative system. They can be considered analogous electromechanical relays. In addition to ensuring connections to the home automation BUS through which they receive inputs, they are connected to a 230 Watt electrical supply network. Their modular mechanism transforms an electrical signal into a specific mechanical action on a precise function. For its activation, the device receives stimulus from the BUS sent by a KNX sensor (usually corresponding to a control button) followed by a specific activity. One example of the application is the opening and closing of roller shutters and blinds, perfect for a home automation system. Using modules with four and eight outputs, up to eight codes can be combined to create specific configurations. Ekinex power supplies are designed to supply system voltage to KNX components, whose power supply and communications are managed electrically. As panel-mounted instruments capable of producing and monitoring voltage up to four Vdc (required for the BUS system), they can be of two types: a power supply connected to 64 devices or a power supply with a 30 Vdc output. In both cases, no configuration is required. It is also possible to use an auxiliary power source for other low-voltage equipment, bearing in mind that the total absorbed current must not exceed 640 mA. Savings of 50% on individual room controls, 60% on lighting and 60% on ventilation can be achieved by using this system.

Ekinex home automation systems. Technology to make life easier

Founded in 2012 after the partnership of experienced professionals in the automation sector, Ekinex entered the global market two years later, coming into contact with architects, builders, and interior designers who shared a common desire to provide their clients with superior solutions. Currently present in 88 countries worldwide, Ekinex holds a leading position in the home&building automation sector, thanks to a typically Italian approach highly attentive to quality design. Made-in-Italy Ekinex home automation systems result from the experience and expertise of sector professionals, whose work is carried out in special R&D laboratories constantly updated with the latest technological innovations. Using the KNX system, Ekinex products offer numerous advantages, including improved living conditions, enhanced comfort, guaranteed safety, and a clear reduction in energy consumption. These features contribute to increasing the property values of the buildings using Ekinex installations. A further advantage of Ekinex products is their affordability; even in the planning stage, the devices can be modulated according to the client needs. Implementing an Ekinex system is simple and fast, requiring only a signal network that can reach all stations where the controls are to be installed. Another significant advantage is the scalability of any Ekinex system, which allows users to start with "basic" equipment that can be expanded over time according to use and need. With a relatively low initial investment, costs are amortised in a short time. Thanks to interoperability, it is also possible to integrate multiple functions that were not foreseen when the system was installed. The option of designing the system using standard software, which can be adapted to the specific needs of each manufacturer, ensures that Ekinex products can be used in a very flexible manner. The training of the technicians involved in the assembly of such systems guarantees installation per current safety and certification standards. With their unique characteristics, Ekinex devices can be installed in any context, from small residential buildings to large industries, confirming their extreme versatility. ... More ... less

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