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Qualified lighting design solutions identify EGOLUCE as one of the world's leading lighting manufacturers. Since 1978 EGOLUCE has been creating 100% Made in Italy products, collaborating mainly with Italian companies and artisans: to offer its customers a design product with the highest technological standards. The diligent and careful selection of the best quality components and materials, and processing guided by total quality criteria, allows us to produce and offer our customers a wide range of lighting fixtures for different applications. EGOLUCE is also an environmentally conscious company and has completely revised its collection by offering a full range of energy-efficient products in its catalogs. Eco-friendly choices contribute to sustainability.

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Product evolution combined with new materials, technologies and design are the real results of Egoluce's collections. Know-how and attention to detail at every stage of production have been a constant force in 40 years of successful operation. Luminaire control systems consider the human biorhythm and positively affect health and well-being. Intelligent energy and light color management give the possibility of creating new spaces in the void, giving the viewer a different view of space. A new sensory experience. A light capable of moving and varying in space, able to merge, amaze and enthrall: an unforgettable light. Light lives in the shadows because its flow is regulated by captivating solutions in every vision. Egoluce offers light lived as a life experience for lighting designers, architects, planners as partners and interlocutors. Lighting solutions that thanks to a high level of CRI, color temperature offer, dynamic white and UGR, are able to adapt to all interior and exterior projects. providing light as an answer to all new architectural projects. A light capable of drawing new shapes in the void to achieve a renewed visual and sensory experience. ... More ... less

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