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Dyson is a British company specializing in the production of innovative and designer small appliances. The company was born thanks to the inventiveness and determination of its founder, James Dyson, an engineer in search of the perfect vacuum cleaner. The inventor himself recounts that he achieved this ambitious goal only after more than 5,000 unsuccessful prototypes led to the development of a revolutionary product. The vacuum cleaner named G-Force, in fact, is the first bagless model, thanks to the DC system, which stands for Dual Cyclone. With the proceeds from the sale of the patent, Dyson founded his company in 1991, and launched the DC01 model. Success was immediate, and the appliance met with worldwide acclaim. The practical wireless models, compact design, lightweight and efficient products enabled the small one-man company to become a multinational corporation. James Dyson has never stopped, and true to his calling as an inventor, he continues to experiment in the futuristic R&D department, exploring new technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. Dyson products are also characterized by a recognizable design that is unique in the home appliance scene.

Dyson vacuum cleaners, power and maneuverability

The vacuum cleaner is the iconic product par excellence in the Dyson catalog. Extreme convenience, guaranteed by the absence of the bulky power cord and bagless canister, is combined with power, efficiency and attractive design. The V11TM model is equipped with technology that can detect the type of surface to be cleaned, automatically adapting the power. Through the LCD screen, it is possible to monitor performance, battery charge level, and the chosen cleaning program. The V15 Detect Absolute model is the top of the range in the catalog because of its high power and innovative laser dust detection device, which allows automatic power adaptation. An extraordinarily lightweight vacuum cleaner, thanks to its energy-efficient digital motor, equipped with a replaceable battery for extended use. The brush is equipped with an anti-tangle device and integrated lighting. The V12 Detect Slim Absolute model stands out for absolute lightness and comfortable operation, thanks to single-button control, which allows cleaning without holding down the trigger. The multilayer filtration system allows allergens down to 0.3 microns to be retained.

Dyson solutions for environmental and personal comfort

The Dyson catalog offers several solutions for environmental comfort, from air purifiers to fans. The HEPA BIG+QUIET FORMALDEHYDE purifier features an attractive design, consisting of a simple cylinder that houses the exhaust fan and filter, topped by the diffuser, which sports an inverted dome shape. Particularly effective in eliminating formaldehyde, it can purify a space of up to 100sqm, and is suitable for collective environments, such as offices, entertainment rooms, classrooms, libraries and so on. The PURIFIER HOT+COOL FORMALDEHYDE model also sports a cylindrical base, topped by a futuristically designed diffuser, an oval-shaped ring, which ensures particularly efficient delivery of purified air and heat, thanks in part to its 350-degree oscillation. A handy remote control allows for remote control of purification or ventilation levels. The HEPA COOL FORMALDEHYDE model provides purified, fresh air thanks to Air Multplierâ„¢ technology, and complies with the HEPA H13 standard thanks to its sealed filter. The Dyson catalog provides a series of electric hand dryers, designed for collective environments, characterized by high drying power, speed, and hygiene. This is the Airblade line, declined in different models, such as Airblade Wash+Dry, a handwash faucet with integrated air dryer, or the classic Airblade V hand dryer, compact and with a minimalist design. To ensure maximum comfort in the environment, Dyson has created the Solarcycle Morph LED lamps, which allow four different light intensities and two colors, blue or orange, to be set, also with remote adjustment via the Dyson Link app. The two adjustable arms promote high functionality. The lamp is declined in table and floor versions, and is available in three color options, white/silver, black and brass. ... More ... less

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