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Duravit is one of the world's best-known designer bathroom brands. The company operates internationally from the Philippe Starck-designed Duravit Design Centre and has eleven factories in Germany, Egypt, China, France, India, Tunisia and Turkey. The company counts almost six thousand employees worldwide. Duravit bathrooms - ceramic sanitary ware, bathroom furniture, bathtubs, shower trays, wellness systems, electronic seats, tapware and accessories by international such designers as Philippe Starck, Norman Foster, Matteo Thun and Cecilie Manz - are characterised by quality design, which the company defines as "Good Design". Duravit never compromises on functional quality and meets the most diverse tastes and needs. That is why Duravit products have been chosen for major projects worldwide, from Rem Koolhaas' Fondazione Prada in Milan to Jean Nouvel's Abu Dhabi Louvre. Sustainability is another key feature for Duravit, whose production processes are based on energy-saving methods like water treatment and heat recovery technologies. These measures have earned the company ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and PEFC environmental certifications.

Duravit history

Duravit began in 1817 with Georg Friedrich Horn, founder of an earthenware factory specialised in the production of tableware that later expanded into sanitary ware. The new production division was responsible for the success of the company, which has sold its sanitary ware under the Duravit name since 1960. Duravit's most emblematic encounter with design was its partnership with Philippe Starck that began in 1994 and produced Starck 1, a complete bathroom line comprising sanitary ware, furniture, bathtubs and accessories that remained on the market for almost thirty years, rightfully earning its place among the modern classics. The idea behind the product's success was the contemporary reinterpretation of the historical forms of the bucket, the tub and the basin, which inspired the vase, the tub and the washbasin. They are accompanied by practical and roomy bathroom furnishings with clean lines and no handles.

Duravit, designer bathrooms for everyday life

Duravit's "Good Design" aims to meet current challenges, maintaining a contemporary and functional approach even as the world's needs and lifestyles change. This goal has been achieved in several sanitary ceramic collections, which now celebrate significant anniversaries. In addition to Starck 1, there is Architec, designed by Frank Huster in 1993 with the clear intent of shaping a line of products that would not follow trends but become synonymous with continuity. Clean lines, the elementary architectural elements of the circle and square, and dimensions that facilitate space planning are the key elements of a family of washbasins, WCs and bidets that have met architects' and space planners' needs and tastes for decades. The same is true of DuraStyle, designed by Matteo Thun & Partners; this family of intentionally discreet sanitary ceramics fits harmoniously into any bathroom context. The Luv series, designed by Cecilie Manz and inspired by the shape of the basin, softens the Nordic purism of gentle shapes and rigorous geometries with clean, thin edges in a wide range of colours, from classic white to bright shades to natural greens and greys. One of Duravit's most award-winning products is the Happy D.2 series, designed by Sieger Design, winner of the Red Dot Design Awards and the IF Design Award. This product line includes twelve washbasin models and thirteen bathtub variants, simple in form, extremely geometric yet refined. Over the years, the line has expanded to include wellness systems like mini pools, whirlpool baths and designer saunas. One of these is Inipi, presented by Duravit in 2009 with a name that refers to an ancient "sweat lodge" tradition of the Lakota Indians, from which the Austrian designers, EOOS, drew inspiration to design a bright, modern sauna, conceived to furnish a bathroom or living area. EOOS later added the InipiB Super Compact sauna to the family. The small wellness space, measuring 120x120 cm, is easy to assemble and dismantle and can be installed practically anywhere.

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