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Driade is a visual laboratory that has been merging architecture and design for over 50 years to create high-end, eclectic, elegant furniture, home accessories, art objects, and everyday products. In 1968, the founders, Enrico Astori, Antonia Astori, and Adelaide Acerbi Astori, introduced a certain degree of experimentation and implemented industrial strategies that took into account multiple factors, including communications. Today new management continues to embrace these same challenges. Fifty years of activity have confirmed the brand's extraordinary ability to express the spirit of the times, absorbing stimuli, especially from different cultures; today, its roots allow the company to project itself towards new scenarios, reinforced by new international management.

Driade: 50 years of design icons

Driade's catalog includes furniture and complements, accessories, giftware, and lighting. The idea of craft integrated with the most modern industrial processes is a common thread in all Driade products. The company has evolved continuously through partnerships with Italian and international designers who add great value to its collections. The Driade catalog is a succession of design icons, an uninterrupted work in progress, a trailblazer with high-quality production and far-reaching vision. Design chairs, armchairs, tables, sofas, and all the company's products express their singular personalities through the use of traditional or innovative materials like wood, leather, metal, wicker, or plastic.
Sof Sof chairs (1972) still have current lines, as does the Frate table; and, like all of Enzo Mari's projects, they are harmonious, essential, and elegant. On the other hand, Philippe Stark always surprises in the many projects he has done for Driade. His Costes armchair (1984) has an enveloping wooden shell and three acutely inclined legs; Miss Lacy, in the recently-released limited edition of 50 pieces, winks at the elegance of macramé lace with new colors. Borek Sipek designed Liba, a wicker chair recalling a certain taste for primitive art, which evokes cubism thanks to the different color combinations that highlight the seat's three dimensions.MT is the acronym for furniture designed by Ron Arad, its name a play on the word "empty." The void characterizes this project in which a volume is carved out by advanced production technology, revealing a colorful interior. More recent icons are the furnishings that can be used both indoors and out. The polyethylene items in the Roly Poly collection by Faye Toogood have curved seats supported by solid legs. Fabio Novembre, a designer who loves to tell stories through his projects, conceived the world-famous Nemo chair in which the human face becomes abstract and universal, recalling the elegance of Greek art and the fascination of the mask.

Driade: the art of objects

In addition to furniture, Driade offers a rich variety of decorative objects that are real works of art. These precious and timeless pieces are perfect for all settings, providing different and original accents in home interiors. Clients can choose the pure elegance of essential lines or add extravagance and character thanks to more eccentric elements that become the focus of any space. Items range from Borek Sipek's blown glass that gives life to unique Neo-Baroque vases; to Xie Dong's porcelain, immediately evoking a decidedly artisanal component with absolutely contemporary taste and lines; to the white marble metaphysical trays by Gordon Guillaumier and the silver-plated ones by Christophe Pillet, the ultimate example of elegance that never goes out of style. The Driade catalog includes objects for everyday use that are simple in their grace and elegance. The catalog's artistic items are sometimes phytomorphic or otherwise recall forms that our minds connect to other worlds and are thus deliberately transformed into "bait for the imagination" providing new perceptive stimuli and catalyzing strong emotions.

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