Dilsen-Stokkem / Belgium

Interior label Dôme Deco is specialized in the design and production of cosmopolitan interior collections for the B2B market. Clients are interior architects working on hotels, restaurants, co-working spaces and residential projects. For projects on a larger scale, Dôme Deco offers a full ‘made to measure’ approach. Additionally, the label is distributed by retailers worldwide. Their DD. concept stores being at the center of it all. At Dôme Deco, our aim is to inspire people throughout their personal journey of life. Creating memorable experiences through cosmopolitan interior concepts worldwide. Dôme Deco stands for “Cosmopolitan Living”, inspiring the persona that has the world at its feet. From these worldly influences, the search for added value is central. The focus being culture, craftsmanship and sustainability. Refinement and a divergent way of thinking and acting are evident. ... More ... less

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