Following decades of experience in yacht furnishings where elegance, perfection and weight are key factors, Dimarmo was able to design a line of designer furniture where with extreme awe they made marble float. Dimarmo is a young Italian company based in Puglia, Italy, born from the encounter between designers and skilled craftsmen witha long tradition in working with stone materials. In Apulia there are numerous testimonies that attest to the use, since prehistoric times, of local stone, starting from menhirs and dolmens to military, civil and religious construction. This ancient tradition has been handeddown to the present day, and the appreciation and working of stone always remains a prerogative of Dimarmo's artisanal culture. The collaboration has generated a collection open to the world with deep artisan roots.

Dimarmo, lightened marble furniture

The production is centered on the use of the innovative technique of lightened marble originating a collection with astrong character, whose artistic direction is taken care by Sissy Daniele / the sid&sign studio. Each product is made by hand and due to its peculiarities represents a unique and unrepeatable configuration. The geometric and monolithic shapes enhance the natural veiningof the stone by enhancing its continuity. Thanks to the best values of Italian know-how, it skillfully combines craftsmanship and innovative techniques, obtaining unique design products. Know-how and traditions, grafted into "metaphysical" scenarios have outlined innovative interpretations of materials. Nature illuminates, the varied landscape of the Apulian territory is a source of inspiration from which, with extreme synthesis, the company abstracts forms and concepts that it applies to its projects. Maniacal attention to detail allows for products that seemingly challenge, in a delicate balance, logic and gravity. ... More ... less

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