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Devon&Devon is an exclusive way of enjoying your home. A quality choice having its origins in the love for raw materials and the extraordinary manufacturing skills of its craftsmen. An expression of taste, characterized by timeless products that recover and reinterpret the best European tradition and the Twentieth-Century design, with an attentive focus on the present. From its headquarters in Florence and its stores all over the world, the company offers everything you need to make every place a home where you feel well and want to come back.

Florence's heritage

The unique, original and recognisable Devon&Devon design is the result of a wise combination of functionality and aesthetics, of contemporaneity and inspirations coming from the past. The company was founded in Florence in 1989. The exceptional craft, artistic and architectural tradition of Florence is the ideal basis of the brand's love for the quality raw materials and the craftsmanship of the handworks, celebrated all over the world since the days of ancient craft guilds; for the harmony of the geometrical designs and the sobriety of the shapes and colours, all inspired by the decorations selected by the great architects for the churches and buildings that made the city unique.

Inspirations from the world

Since its origins, Devon&Devon has merged the inspirations from the Florentine Renaissance with the atmospheres of European tradition and with the charm of architectures and the most refined American design of the 20th century. Traditions forgotten or considered as outdated are continuously rediscovered, reinterpreted and translated into creations with a unique taste and timeless charm. The contemporary classic style by Devon&Devon, with its exceptional refined stylistic perfection, is an exaltation of many ways of interpreting beauty. It is inspired by far-off and remote suggestions: the Victorian Age and the French Eighteenth Century; Neoclassicism and American Art Deco; Art-Nouveau and the Jazz Age; La Dolce Vita and Hollywood; the Belle Epoque and the Fifties.


Devon&Devon accompanies the design choices of its clients with exclusive, complete and coordinated interior design solutions and with great attention to every detail of the project. The collections include products for the bathroom (sanitaryware, bathtubs, showers, taps and fittings, mixer taps and shower heads; furniture and consoles) and solutions dedicated to the whole home, such as marble, ceramic and wood flooring and wall coverings; wallpaper and furniture; mirrors, lamps and wall lamps and an entire boutique of home and lifestyle items inspired by the brand's iconic style and a philosophy of living made up of details that make the difference.

Love for quality

The value of Devon&Devon authenticityis the result of its love for design and dedication to the quality of raw materials. It is the result of its attention to the excellence of the productive processes and the passion for craftsmanship and for the talent of those who work with us. A large part of the production is manufactured in Tuscany, the cradle of millenary manufacturing knowledge. The other small production units, which are all European, are found in Italy and England: in each area Devon&Devon enhances the skills of those who, every day, select, sculpt, work, polish, model, decorate and finish their products. This heritage, passed on from one generation to another, is the most credible guarantee of unparalleled quality and value.

The reinvention of space

In three decades Devon&Devon has invented and reinvented products that have forever changed the way in which we experience the bathroom. In 1989, when the enclosed baths were in fashion, the company launched the first Victorian design bathtub, transforming the bathroom from a functional place into a beautiful and unique environment dedicated to personal care. In 1991, the first 30 cm-diameter shower head was introduced: it looked like an exaggeration, but it became a universal trend. Since then, everything has been reinvented: the console (which until then was used only in the entertainment spaces of the most important residences) has appeared in the bathroom and the wood paneling was re-proposed as a ceramic coating. Devon&Devon’s history - made of recovered traditions and redefined functions - is a constant declaration of courageous unconventionality. After the bathroom, it’s time to rethink the house. And Devon&Devon is ready to change everything.

The value of the project

Being founded by two architects, it is now part of Italcer Group. Devon&Devon has the ‘designing’ culture in its very DNA. For this reason, in addition to its wide range of exclusive collections, the company offers its clients tailored custom-made solutions. It is a unique service that Devon&Devon is able to offer thanks to the short supply chain of its highly specialized workers aiming at quality and to an internal team of architects who coordinate them, closely monitoring every phase of the process. “Devon&Devon Tailored Interiors” is the most effective response to private customers, professionals and contractors requiring excellence to be also exclusive and customisable. ... More ... less

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