Paola Monaco di Arianello


Milano / Italy

Paola Monaco di Arianello is an industrial designer based in Milan, Italy.
She studied Industrial Design at the Faculty of Architecture in Genova (Italy) and at the University of Lapland - Lapin Yliopisto (Faculty of Art and Design) in Rovaniemi, before specializing in 2009 at the Politecnico di Milano.
Since 2008 she collaborates with designer Carlotta de Bevilacqua, with whom she develops various projects in the field of lighting design.
At the Studio of Architecture Carlotta de Bevilacqua she's responsible for product concept, technical development and communication. She often does consulting of product and graphic design for Danese with she gets in contact for the first time in 2005. During these years, she focuses on the study of light.
As "Paola di Arianello" she's author of several projects for Artemide as: "Algoritmo system", "37Cube", "Mirror ID.", and "Airlite" presented at Light and Building 2012. With "Algoritmo" in 2011 she got the Red Dot Design Award.
Her new products for Artemide, "Empatia", "Diaphrarm", "Algoritmo floor", "Algoritmo dark light LED" and the extension of "Airlite" spot family, have been presented at Euroluce 2013.
Two of her new products for Artemide ("Algoritmo dark light LED" and "Diaphragm") have also been protagonist in new project by Jean Nouvel Studio, "Project: office for living", at Salone Ufficio Milano Fairgrounds, Rho. ... More ... less
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