Jorge Herrera


Massamagrell / Spain

Jorge Herrera born in 1976, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.
2008 is the turning point in Jorge Herrera┬┤s career with the establishment of his independent Studio.
Jorge Herrera early on in his career works for companies such as Alfa Romeo, Arkoslight or Donaliving this signifies a global and multidisciplinary training enabling him to further deepen in all areas for both the creative and technical process in design.
Jorge Herrera Studio was founded with a strong sense for simple processes, detail and passion.
Since 2009 The Studio works in close collaboration with Flos, engaging in numerous projects with the Italian firm in areas such as company image, product development and marketing. Outcome of this union are the Apps luminaries (2012 Red Dot Award, Good Design Award 2012 Idea Award 2013), GO-IN (Red Dot Award 2013) and Find Me (Red Dot Award 2013).
Towards the end of 2013 The Studio becomes Art Director at the forefront of Stratta, creating their entire brand image and designing the Spanish company┬┤s top six furniture collections.
Jorge Herrera is guest lecturer at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D) of Madrid, where he conducts workshops on a regular basis.
The final leap to the international arena takes place in that same period. Participating in fairs and events leads to contacts and projects for companies in Sweden, Italy and Japan... ... More ... less

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