Francesco Favaretto, Paolo Favaretto

Padua / Italy

Favaretto&Partners’ unique style is founded on the innovative use of materials, painstaking precision in design and a penchant for stylistic and functional inventiveness. The technical competencies gleaned over decades and the ever-present passion for experimentation have enabled the practice to work successfully and with versatility in different manufacturing sectors, from telephones to furnishings (seating, lighting, upholstered ) to medical and household objects. Favaretto&Partners has specialised in the planning, prototyping and production of office furniture, technical seating (operational and executive) and collective systems, introducing, in certain cases, design languages embraced by other designers and manufacturers.
Favaretto&Partners actively supports and adheres to the principles of “Design for All”, a declaration accepted by the European Commission and promoted by the I.I.D.D. (Italian Institute Design Disability today DFA Italia). The declaration encourages disability-proof design practices which aim to make objects and environments accessible and functional to the widest possible range of users. ... More ... less
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