Cristian Cubiña


Barcellona / Spain

Cristian Cubiñá (Barcelona, 1968) studies Industrial Design at the ELISAVA School (University School of Design and Engineering) in Barcelona and, once he finishes his training, he decides to create his own business project, founding the family society "Hustadt Iluminación".

During the first years he undertakes the responsibilities of Product Manager. In 2003, when the company creates the ALMA LIGHT brand, he becomes responsible for broader areas such as product design, selection of proximity suppliers and control of manufacturing and its highest quality standards, always with a view to the evolution of the market, both in terms of design and purely technological and productive aspects.
It is in the ALMA LIGHT project that Cristian Cubina can develop his skills as a designer, projecting the stands of the fairs in which the company participates as exhibitor and creating classic collections, such as DROP or LENS. Later, he signs other creations such as CANDLE, CAPSULE, DECO, HOTEL, KONE, LED BOX, OVAL LED, LED POLE, THE LIGHT and THE PALM. His designs are imbued with his curious and observant character and his eagerness to look at everything he sees around him, where any detail can be susceptible of becoming a light fitting.

Cristian Cubina is one of the most renowned designers in the field of contemporary decorative lighting, a sector in which he is specialized. His creations have been exhibited at various European fairs and have been selected for several publications on international design. ... More ... less

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