Concrete Architectural Associates

Amsterdam / Netherlands

concrete consists of 5 fundamental building blocks: concrete interiors, concrete architecture, concrete tomorrow, concrete today and concrete heritage. concreteԳ entire team consists of about 35 professional people. visual marketeers and interior designers, graphic designers and architects work on the projects in multidisciplinary teams.
the house of concrete is based in a listed building in the middle of the red light district on the oudezijds achterburgwal. here, the designers work, in an interdisciplinary way, on the total concepts in brainstorm sessions. the company builds brands, produces the interior design, architectonic and urban development plans, along with the main presentations and, eventually, the scale models themselves.

concrete develops total concepts for businesses and institutions. the agency produces work which is commercially applied. this involves creating total identities for a company, a building or an area. the work extends from interior design to urban development integration and from the building to its accessories. concrete, for example, also sets the perimeters for the graphic work and considers how the client can present itself in the market.

this all happens from the one concept philosophy. the designers of concrete create holistic plans and everything they design is used for the benefit of that total concept: thatԳ where their strength Πand thus the clientԳ greatest advantage Πlies. concrete is dynamic, quick on its feet and self-determined. the agency thrives on hard work and the creation of beautiful things. concrete does not have a pre-determined style and the designers do not simply create designs, interiors or buildings: concrete devises solutions. ... More ... less
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