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Milano / Italy

Achille Castiglioni was born in Milan on February 16, 1918 and graduated in Architecture in 1944. Since 1940 he has been experimenting with industrial products together with the brothers Livio (1911-1979) and Pier Giacomo (1913-1968).
After graduating in Architecture in 1944, he started a research activity on new forms, techniques and materials, tending to the realization of an integral design process.
From 1945 to 1962 he carried out the design activity together with his brother Pier Giacomo at the studio of di Porta Nuova 57, in 1962 for demolition of the building the studio was transferred to P.zza Castello 27 (MI) where the collaboration with Until his death in 1968, from 1968 to 2002, the year of Achille's death, Pier Giacomo continued his activity in the studio of P.zza Castello alone.
In 1969 he obtained a free teaching in "Artistic Design for Industry" at the Ministry of Education and held the chair at the Faculty of Architecture in Turin until 1980 and then in Milan until 1993 as full professor of "Industrial Design". .

Since 1950 he has carried out experiments and researches in the realization of installations for exhibitions (Triennale di Milano, Montecatini, Agip, Rai).
In 1956 he was among the founders of ADI.
At the MoMA in New York there are fourteen of his works. Other works are present in the museums: Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Kunstgewerbe Museum in Zurich, Staatliches Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Munich, Prato Design Museum, Umeleckoprumyslove Museum in Prague, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, The Denver Art Museum, Vitra Design Weil am Rhein Museum, Agewandte Kunst Museum in Hamburg and Cologne.

He was awarded nine Compasso d'Oro: Compasso d'Oro 1955 (Luminator lamp); Compasso d’Oro 1960 (T 12 Palini chair); Compasso d'Oro 1962 (Pitagora coffee machine); Compasso d'Oro 1964 (Spinamatic beer dispenser); Compasso d'Oro 1967 (headphones for simultaneous translations); Golden Compass 1979 (Parentesi lamp); Compasso d'Oro 1979 (Omsa hospital bed); Compasso d’Oro 1984 (Dry cutlery); Compasso d’Oro 1989 (special mention to the profession dedicated to design) with the following motivation: "for having raised design, through its irreplaceable experience, to the highest values ​​of culture".
Between 1984 and 1986 a personal exhibition was organized organized by the Museum fur Angewandte Kunst in Vienna, then at the Akademie der Kunst in Berlin, at the Triennale of Milan, at the Kunstgewerbe Museum in Zurich, at the Haags Gemeentemuseum de l'Aia, at Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid and at the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris.
In 1985 Honorary Member of the "Comitee of Advisors" at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena in California and Montreaux in Switzerland.
In 1986, Menbro d'Onore from the Faculty of Royal Designers for Industry of the Royal Society of Art in London.
In 1987 he received an Honoris Causa degree from the Royal College of Art in London.
In 1993 he received the annual "The Chartered Society of Designer" award in London.
In 1994 he received the "Spring of Design" Award from the Catalunya Department of Culture.
In 1995 he received the "Art sur Table" Award from the Conseil National des Art Culinaire in Paris.
In 1996 he received the "IF Design Wettbewerb" Award from the Industrie Forum Design of Hannover.
In 1996 he received the "Longevity-Lanlebigkeit" Award from the Stuttgart Design Center.
In 1999 he received the "Domus / INARCH 1998 Award" for his career from INARCH.
In 1999 he received the "Italian Union of Design Golden Plaque Award" from the Faculty of Architecture of Genoa.
In 1999 he won the Enel competition "Support for the Environment" with arch. Michele De Lucchi.
In 2001 he received the Honoris Causa Degree in Industrial Design from the Polytechnic of Milan

Among the personal exhibitions:
In 1995 a personal exhibition "A la Castiglioni" was set up in Barcelona for the "Primavera del Design" award.
In 1996 in Milan at the International Furniture Fair (April) and in Bergamo at the Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (July).
In 1997 in Weil am Rhein at the Vitra Design Museum (January) and at the MoMA Museum of Modern Art in New York (October).
In 1998 at the Ozone Living Design Center in Tokyo (March), the Niitsu Art Museum (June) and the De Beyerd Museum in Breda (October).

Many are the objects he signed and produced by large companies such as: Aerotecnica Italiana, Alessi, Brionvega, Bernini B&B Italia, BBB Bonacina, Cimbali, Danese, Driade, De Padova, Flos, Fusital, Cassina, Ideal Standard, Italtel, Il Coccio Humidifiers, Interflex, Lancia Auto, Marcatrè, Moroso, Olivetti, Omsa, Phonola Radio, Poggi, Phoebus Alter, Perani Fonderie, Rem, San Giorgio electrod., Teorema, Knoll International, Kartell, Up & Up, VLM, Zanotta.

He has carried out a varied professional activity in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, and is internationally known for his projects for the series production in the field of lighting and furniture, as well as for the spectacular installations made all over the world .

Achille Castiglioni died in Milan on December 2, 2002. ... More ... less

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