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Design Luce is the first Italian company to have deeply understood the importance of heat dissipation from flexible LED light sources. All the profiles produced are in extruded aluminum and have been designed in order to ensure optimal dissipation of the heat generated by the light source. 100% Italian aluminum thickness> 1.5 mm = Optimal heat dissipation = Long duration of the light source LED CRI> 95 AND LED CRI> 97 LED technology has brought considerable innovation to the lighting panorama: new photometric evaluation criteria have been added to the traditional parameters used for the classification of halogen and discharge lamps. The flexible LEDs of Design Luce have high quality levels and guarantee maximum color rendering as well as considerable visual comfort.

The history of Design Luce

Design Luce was born in Florence in 2000, the daughter of a creative and far-sighted mind, that of Luigi Cerbone. Neapolitan by birth and Tuscan by adoption, with an important background and a past as an agent in the electrical engineering sector, Cerbone decided to dedicate himself to lighting. He did so with the awareness that it is the difference that makes the difference: you need a product of excellence, functional but elegant, specific and refined. The starting point was fluorescence, which was then implemented with the advent of LEDs, to arrive at the use of aluminium, the essential component for LED dissipation. More flux, more light. And it is thanks to this highly workable material that light, which for Cerbone has always represented life, wellbeing and beauty, meets design. His company creates Italian profiles designed by experts with an eye for elegance and refinement. Luigi Cerbone has been the mind of Design Luce for 21 years. The arms are those of 15 workers, all very young and highly qualified, who feel at home in those 1000sqm of company. Because, as Luigi Cerbone himself repeats, the company must reflect the owner. Availability and attention are needed. The same ones that Design Luce makes available to the market. A market in which the rules have been reversed. With the Tuscan company, in fact, architects are no longer forced to choose lamps of fixed dimensions to adapt to their project but can have an ad hoc product according to their ideas. The philosophy, whichimmediately takes the form of a corporate mission, is to respond to a need, satisfy a need, have ready answers. Creating light through design by experimenting with new forms, transforming an idea into a light project. Enhance beauty, illuminate it to the fullest. ... More ... less

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