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Desalto is an Italian company, born almost thirty years ago in Brianza, a flagship in the craftsmanship tradition of our country in terms of the production of interior and exterior furnishings, with real systems, which include tables and chairs, sofas and armchairs, garden furniture, the result of the creativity of high-profile designers and craftsmen Desalto artisans. At the basis of the production, there is a constant research that goes in the direction not only of the quality and beauty, but also of the functionality of each individual piece of product, which is accomplished in the indoor and outdoor furnishing systems. Desalto furnishing solutions are like custom-made clothes: starting from the wide selection of products included in the catalogue, from chairs to outdoor furniture, the company modifies, re-invents, changes materials, finishes, colors and dimensions to give the customer exactly what he expects and what best blends with the style of his interiors or garden. Because flexibility is a company constant on which you can always rely. Moreover, it should be added that design is always eco-sustainable. In fact, the entire manufacturing process follows the water cycle of the galvanic plant, until its purification after use. And since 2011, the company has equipped itself with a photovoltaic system with thousands of panels capable of completely covering the company's electricity needs.

Comfort and functionality in Desalto furniture design

Desalto products are designed to be aesthetically impeccable, but also to offer comfort and functionality that are often sacrificed in design. We see it, for example, in the fabric armchair with footrest Aria: designed for those who want a corner of total relaxation, a place to think and read in peace, this system is made of tricot fabric that covers a technical structure, creating a chaise longue comfortable without padding. The sinuous lines and the fabric mesh make it an "ethereal" piece to be enjoyed in solitude. Clay is an outdoor table made of lava stone, in which two volumes - the top and the base - meet balancing one on top of the other, with a truly reduced and extremely elegant support. The table top can be elliptical or round, according to the customer's needs, and covered with marble, ceramic, crystal or MDF. Also available in the version with swivel centerpiece. Stac is a wooden backing, one of the brand’s 2020 innovations, which can offer various configurations thanks to individual elements that can be overlapped with each other, possibly leaving gaps to create spaces by day. For the office, Desalto designed the Helsinki desk, a system of removable and adaptable two-dimensional tables, with lacquered finishes and crystal top. Available in different colors, elegant and linear, this desk defines almost ethereal spaces from which distractions are left out.

Desalto, the Made in Italy design from the 50s

Desalto is at the same time a young company, with its thirty years, but also “ancient”, because it was born from the production tradition brianzola of the fifties. The Orsenigo family began, in fact, with the exclusive processing of metal and its four current heirs have gathered this know-how by applying it to a much wider field, that of the furniture, to produce iconic pieces that have won prizes and received awards at the international level. Each generation brings to the history of a family the novelties of its time, without forgetting its roots: for this reason, the Orsenigo brothers have continued in the footsteps of production, going from metalworking to the creation of unique pieces of furniture that combine the highest technology with design and craftsmanship, typical of the Lombardy area where the company is located. Everything is harmonious and linear in the decorations for the home, as well as in the modular systems for the dwelling, the hotel, the restaurant, the office, because Desalto furnishes every space of prestige. The production is entirely internal and this allows you to have complete control over the design, but also over the production of the parts: from prototype to engineering, from laser cutting to welding, from varnishing to the choice of materials and their quality (leading, metal, plastic materials, glass, etc. . ), nothing is ever left to chance in the history of this company. No wonder, therefore, that – over the years – Desalto has won the Compasso d’Oro ADI, the Best of the Best at the Interior Innovation Award in Cologne, the Red Dot Design Award and the Wallpaper Design Award and that the Entronauta chair, designed by Riccardo Blumer and produced by Desalto, has even become part of the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. ... More ... less

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