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Deodara is an artisanal and dynamic reality that produces high quality made in Italy furniture and whose attention is focused on functional and aesthetic aspects, preserving the great cultural tradition of the territory. Deodara was born from years of experience in the realization of ideas and its strength lies not in the standards established over time, but in the ability to realize the specific needs of each customer, offering versatility of materials and finishes, variable items in three dimensions and modular systems that can be integrated among them such as Kitchen, Wall & Cabinet System and Night System.

The history of Deodara

The history of Deodara begins in 1977 in Bassano, where the culture of restoration and creation of art furniture is well rooted and where Sebastiano Scomazzon decides to pour all the experience acquired as an artisan of wood in his own business, open in the garage of his home. At the beginning, it is a small family workshop whose attention is paid to the single product and not to mass production, but the constant search for beauty and quality service remain fundamental elements of the activity even today that the Scomazzon carpentry has been transformed into Deodara, a reality led by Emanuelito, Riccardo and Diego, Sebastiano's sons.
Since 2008, CNC machinery and design programs have been used in the production, but they do not replace the role of the craftsmen, instead, they are a valuable aid to ensure lean and waste-free production, while continuing to create beautiful and long-lasting products. In addition to "know-how", continuous innovation is required, in fact, Deodara continually seeks the best technology to make the handcrafted furniture it produces absolutely resistant and safe, paying attention to contemporary design. The tasks are then divided in order to better follow all the phases of the production process: Emanuelito's activity focuses on the production and management of resources; Riccardo coordinates the technical development of all projects; Diego takes care of the final stage of production and quality control.
In 2016, the image of a deodara cedar which has had its roots in the Bassano plain, at the foot of the Marostica hills, for at least a century becomes the logo of the Scomazzon carpentry and gives it a new name: Deodara is now present online with a new image that represents not only its territorial roots, but also its decades of experience applied to residential projects and products created by privileging natural materials, in a correspondence among functionality, durability and aesthetics guaranteed by meticulous teamwork and enriched by an effective commitment to safeguarding the environment. ... More ... less

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