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Well conceived, well designed, well made at the right price. This is what DCWéditions offers with its various editing lamps, in collaboration with talented designers coming from different countries. Simon Schmitz and Sebastian Summa from Germany, Dominique Perrault and Gaelle Lauriot-Prévost, Philippe Nigro, Eric de Dormael… from France, Ilia Sergueievitch Potemine from Russia, Esther and Sam from Vantot studio in Netherland and much more and more to come. Each collection has its history and feed on each other. One collection never chases another. They are designed to last and act as a relay baton between generations. Designed with honesty and rooted in the past, they are used in the present for a future vision. DCWéditions is not only an editor of objects, but it is also a “family” company. Proposing to its customers something new, uncommon and different from what can be seen in the lights and furnitures market. Each department from the company is working to satisfy the customer and provide the best of the brand. The sales department, in constant contact with the customer, helps and informs about collections but also receives the orders. The development department dealing with the conception of lights is always seeking for novelties to create and present. Inspired by the shapes they see in the everyday life, what they appreciate and the different materials they use daily. The marketing department in coordination with the commercials and agents for the communication part, helps tell the story in different ways of the brand and the different collections. Without forgetting the accounting, logistics and projects department. They are all part of the success of DCWéditions as well.

A success that has occurred over the years. Philippe Cazer and Frédéric Winkler, full of creativity and passionate by the classics, wanted and still want the objects to reflect the beauty and the truth of themselves. To express their originality and innovation dealing with the modern and contemporary necessity. Develop lights with aesthetically harmonious and elegant shapes. Elements well studied and functional for their daily use. Including table, ceiling, pendant, wall, architects, floor lamps, chair and shelves.
And most importantly, developing a unique design. A unique story that always surprises, a story between past and present that tells a long journey made of experimentation and research with the constant aim of improving and perfecting oneself. The company to be a talent finder, bringing light to creators and their designs driven by the times. Such as Julien-Henri Porché, designer of the Surpil chair. Be where you don't expect it, by participating in numerous exhibitions worldwide. Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Milan... Collaborating with different actors such as production companies, journalists, magazines, influencers and television channels.

In 2008, date of creation, they both knew how to capture the essence of old classics and transform them into modern design objects. They understood the originality of the work of famous inventors who have carried out many projects in the past. And it is precisely thanks to these previous work plans that they were able to carry out and produce new creations.
Creations and reeditions started with Lampe Gras by Bernard Albin-Gras in 2009, Surpil chair by Julien-Henri Porché in 2010, Mantis by Bernard Schottlander in 2013. Lampe Gras XL Outdoor in 2014, Les Acrobates de Gras and the Mobilier de Gras in 2015. Here Comes The Sun by Bertrand Balas, and In The Tube by Dominique Perrault and Gaelle Lauriot-Prévot in 2016. ISP by IIia Serguevitch Potemine, Les Doubles de Gras and Miroir MbE in 2017. In The Sun, In The Tube 360, Broche by Eric de Dormael and Biny by Jacques Biny in 2018. In 2019, the brand revealed Aaro by Simon Schmitz, Org by Sebastian Summa, Biny Curve by Jacques Biny, VVV by the Vantot Studio, Respiro by Philippe Nigro. Map 1, Map 2, Boucle and Knokke by Eric de Dormael and In The Sun table by Dominique Perrault and Gaelle Lauriot-Prévost. Also, part of the Cordless collection.

As Jean Guitton said: “To be of one’s time is to share the destiny of the dead leaves”. The brand still has a lot to reveal to the world of lights and furnitures in the coming years. DCWéditions, editor of lights and furnitures. Paris, France. ... More ... less

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